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12 February 2014

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Independently whether you know this or not, God's methods define every moment of your life. For example, you live in the "reversible software time" which does NOT exist in the nature, thus which God programmed artificially in order to be able to shift you back multiple times to years of your youth and again allow you to relive your lfe in increasingly improved conditions - as this is explained in item #C3 from the web page prophecies.htm. In this "reversible software time" God pre-programmed also carefully every detail of events that are to affect you in the future so that these events maximise in you traits of character that God needs - exactly as this is explained in items #C3 and #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm. So you better learn most recent findings of the new "totaliztic science" what are these God's methods and how they really work. After all, God so selected these methods, that they allow for upbringing you into a moral, wise, resourceful, effective, and battle-hardened "soldier of God" - as this is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. It is in the name of this highly effective, although rather unpleasant for people, God's method of upbringing, called the "principle of reversals" (i.e. the method of upbringing described, amongst others, in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm, while reported more thoroughly in item #C6 below on this web page), that in your present life God is rather stingy in treating you to good times, obstacles which you can overcome, meetings with people who are to help you, etc., instead lavishly treating you to manifestations of bad times, obstacles which only harm you, meetings with people who do everything in their power to hurt you, etc., etc. After all, only difficult, painful, and full of struggle life develops in you attributes of a soldier. Furthermore, in order to test whether you already acquired the required attributes of the "soldier of God", God repetitively subjects you to difficult and rather unpleasant exams, which NOT only check how much you are missing from accomplishing the level of so-called "righteous" described in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm, but also test whether you already gained the sufficient level of wisdom and inquisitiveness to notice the goals and farsightedness of God's actions in events which apparently seem to be ruled by coincidences only. After all, without accomplishing that level, you would NOT be suitable for the future serving in the "God's army", thus - contradictory to calming claims of many religions which departed from truth, after the so-called "final judgement" in such a situation God probably would be forced to get rid of you.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What is the goal of this web page:

       The goal of this web page is to explain the least known to people methods of God's action, e.g. to explain "why God tolerates suffering", "why some people die already in young age" - i.e. when they had no opportunity yet to do something wrong, etc., etc.
       Findings "why" described on this web page are developed by the newly-born science called the "totaliztic science" (described more comprehensively, amongst others, in items #F1.1 to #G2 of this web page). As this new science always does, every reply "why" provided on this web page is supported by evidence which documents the correctness of such reply.

Part #B: Introduction to key questions of people:


#B1. Why it is worth to seek scientific answers to questions regarding methods of God's acting:

Motto of this web page: "When we really love our God and creator, then we want to know the whole truth about Him."

       The most popular argument of atheists against God states that God does NOT exist, because if God existed then there would be NO pain and suffering in the world. But it is enough to think of putting ourselves in God's position and consider how we would react then onto behaviours of some people whom we know, to immediately understand, that this argumentation is empty. Therefore, in items provided below, starting from item #B1, until item #D3, I am going to explain in many different ways, why the existence of pain and suffering in fact more confirms the existence of God, than contradicts this existence. After all, pain, suffering, death, etc., are tools in hands of absolutely rightness God, that allow Him to serve the justice, to educate and train people, to test the level of morality that someone accomplished, etc. The first out of these items below (marked #B2) repeats quite naive (although still relevant) story, which provides an emotional explanation of the pain and suffering by an anonymous author - which story someone posted to me via one of these "chain emails" that these days circulate around the world. In turn remaining items #C1 to #D3, result from findings of the philosophy of totalizm and from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the new science called the "totaliztic science" (i.e. the one ex-plained in items #F1 to #F3 below).
       So here is this popular explanation from the chain email, that naively (although still relevantly) justifies why God exsists in spite of the existence of pain and suffering.

#B2. The naive (although still relevant) answer, illustrated on a story circulated in one of these present "chain emails", which explains to us why God exists in spite of the existence of pain and suffering:

A man went to a barbershop to have his hair cut and his beard trimmed.

As the barber began to work, they began to have a good conversation. They talked about so many things and various subjects. When they eventually touched on the subject of God, the barber said: "I don't believe that God exists."

"Why do you say that?" asked the customer. "Well, you just have to go out in the street to realize that God doesn't exist. Tell me, if God exists, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children?

If God existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain. I can't imagine a loving God who would allow all of these things." The customer thought for a moment, but didn't respond because he didn't want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer left the shop.

Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man in the street with long, stringy, dirty hair and an untrimmed beard. He looked dirty and unkempt. The customer turned back and entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber: "You know what? Barbers do not exist." "How can you say that?" asked the surprised barber. "I am here, and I am a barber. And I just worked on you!" "No!" the customer exclaimed. "Barbers don't exist because if they did, there would be no people with dirty long hair and untrimmed beards, like that man outside."

"Ah, but barbers DO exist! That's what happens when people do not come to me." "Exactly!" affirmed the customer. "That's the point! God, too, DOES exist! That's what happens when people do not go to Him and don't look to Him for help. That's why there's so much pain and suffering in the world."

(anonymous author)

Part #C: Explanations of the new "totaliztic science" why God tolerates pain and suffering:


#C1. Apart of the new "totaliztic science", almost no-one researches objectively and rationally what are real goals of God, and thus to what actions and methods God is forced to resort to accomplish His goals:

Motto: "You can easily notice that God also has his superior goals, just if you objectively consider the problem, how you would direct fates of people if you are in the situation of God."

       For us, people, comes easily to disapprove, and sometimes even to criticise, methods used in God's actions. After all, we do NOT have a clue in what situation God actually is, and hence we also have no idea which methods of action God is forced to use in order to deal with that situation. To NOT deprive us of the "free will", as well as to create for us the opportunity to "pursue our knowledge", God does NOT inform us about His situation - leaving to our logic and inquisitiveness to determine what this situation is. God also does NOT do anything in a way so overt and obvious, that it would be known immediately that the culprit for this is God Himself (for details of the most important method of hiding from people the executor of even the most obvious cases of divine actions - see item #C2 on my web page named tornado.htm). Meanwhile, unfortunately, neither the existing religions, nor the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. that our official science, which is roughly described in items #F1 to #F3 of this web page), have NOT bothered yet to determine what is the actual situation of our God. In turn, without the knowledge of this situation, it is NOT possible to understand or properly appreciate the methods of God's action. Only the new "totaliztic science" (also described in items #F1 to #F3 of this web page) initiated objective estimates of the actual situation in which our God is. The most complete description of this situation is provided in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm.
       The completion by the "totaliztic science" of these estimates of the situation in which our God is, was enabled by findings of a relatively new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Especially it was enabled by the finding, that we humans live in a reversible software time that is managed by God via the special so-called "omniplan" which God created. (This "omniplan" is described in more details in item #C6 below.) Thus, in order to raise us in the manner that gives us the characteristics desired by God, God uses this "omniplan" on several occasions during our lives to shift us back in time to years of our youth.
       After learning the situation of God, the new "totaliztic science" can, in turn, understand and explain mysteries of a noticeable number of goals of God, that previously were misunderstood by people, and hence understand and explain also methods and principles of God's action, by the means of which God accomplishes these His superior goals. This "part #C" of the web page tries to present to the reader, at least the most vital amongst these explanations - especially explanations that concern reasons for which God originally created, and now He tolerates and abundantly serves to people, pains and sufferings.
       The fact which for people is the most difficult to understand, is that God has His goals for achieving, and that similarly like people, also God in achieving His goals is urged by the passage of time. This is because both present religions, as well as the most of present people, look at God like at a kind of the "retired old man" - means, they think that God does not have any goals to achieve, but rather have the entire eternity of time to spend in a pleasant manner, and thus that God only continuously "entertain" Himself in any manner that is coming to His mind, and that in fact God can do whatever He wants, because He is NOT pushed into specific actions by pressures of any threats of the situation in which He is. Of course, imagining God in such a situation of a bored "old retiree", people cannot understand how it happens that instead of being pampered by Him and receiving from Him only pleasures, actually God gives them a "hard school of life" and serves to them more pains than pleasures. In turn, without the proper understanding of this matter, people feel disappointed and have words of criticism to God, for the pain and suffering that they experience.
       The understanding of reasons for the creation and toleration by God of pains and sufferings, begins to come when someone puts himself in the situation of God, i.e. puts himself in the situation described in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Especially well God begins to be understood, if the person putting himself in His situation was once performing caring responsibilities over a swarm of unruly, spoiled children (brats - preferably of someone's else). After all, only then begins to reach us, that the goal of God cannot be to educate people into spoiled sissies and molluscs, who are going to cry and mentally collapse at the sight of any difficulties along their way, but this goal must become the upbringing of moral, disciplined, smart, resourceful, effective, and battle-hardened soldiers of God - at whose devotion to their God and at whose steadfast fight for the values that their God represents, our God will be able to count in the hundred percent, when in the future to our region of the infinitely large counter-world arrive times of struggle for survival.

#C2. Which evidence confirms, that pain and suffering are actually served to us by God, e.g. for educational purposes, while concepts and entities of the type of Satan, serpent, snake, devils, etc., have been introduced only to symbolize, illustrate and disclose to people various kinds of evil:

Motto: "The actual executor of absolutely everything that takes place in our physical world is God - although for many important reasons, almost everything that God does is so implemented that it gives the impression that it was caused by someone, or something, else."

       Always when God created the first pair of people of a given race, for example, our Adam and Eve, before He sent them to the Earth so that they coped by themselves with the normal, difficult, everyday life, firstly God took them into a kind of "school of life" located in a special flying vehicle-garden by Christians called "Paradise" or "Eden". The more detailed descriptions of such "school of life" for the first people of a given race I have provided in items #D1 to #D3 from my web page named newzealand_visit.htm. However, in subsection P6.1 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5] I documented the fact, that this flying "Paradise" was actually the Magnocraft type K7 - of the functionality very similar to a flying vehicle type T12, which biblical descriptions under the name of "New Jerusalem" have been interpreted in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm.
       One of key components of the knowledge that the first people of every race supposed to acquire in their flying "school of life", was the knowledge about the existence of "good" and "evil" and about the impact of "good" and "evil" on people. In order to teach this knowledge more illustratively, God created two human-like tutors, that supposed to symbolize good and evil. One of these tutoring creatures was beautiful and always did to the first people only what they took as "good". The second one was a hideous creature and did only what for these early people was unpleasant. But the minds of both of these creatures were connected directly to the mind of God. (It means, in terms of their nature and characteristics, these creatures were the kinds of "changelings" described on the web page named changelings.htm - that is, they had human-like bodies and spoke and behaved as if they were humans, but their minds and powers were actually the mind and powers of God Himself.) In the flying "school of life" called "Paradise", these tutors of the first people who taught Adam and Eve about "good" and "evil" were two creatures who called themselves God and the Serpent (Satan). In turn in another flying "school of life", called "Hawaiki" (for the first New Zealand Maoris), to the creature with the appearance of Maori man (which symbolized the "good"), God gave the name "Tane". In turn, to this second, hideous creature, symbolizing the "evil", God gave the name "Uenuku". When the training of the first people of a given race finished, while God "send them out" from the "school of life" with a significant help of the creature which symbolized evil, both of these creatures still continued to perform their symbolic roles. For example, some people until today do see "devils" and "Satan", while "Uenuku", or his "Taniwha" (i.e. "devils"), still until today show themselves from time to time to carefully selected Maoris - see item #F2 from the web page named newzealand.htm. As a result, over time, these creatures have become parts of virtually every religion, while their symbolic roles entered even into the Bible. The whole Bible is filled up with various symbols, which with certain beings symbolize the selected categories of actions (e.g. in the Bible woman symbolizes the work of institution of church), while with the specific objects symbolize selected categories of people (e.g. water in the Bible symbolizes the mixture of diverse people).
       Because "Satan" ("devil") symbolizes evil, with the elapse of time everything that is bad for people has been attributed to him. Hence today's religions teach that evil is NOT caused by God Himself, but it is caused by Satan (devil). However, if one searches carefully, than it turns out, that there is a wealth of evidence, that in fact both are always implemented by God Himself - i.e. God implements Himself whatever people perceive as "good", as well as He implements also Himself of whatever people perceive as "evil". To the examples of religious evidence for this fact, can be included, amongst others, statements from the Bible, that it was God who created Satan and devils - for the samples of these statements see item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Another such a proof is, that in the Bible God Himself admits, that in the first phase of His existence, God was forced to fight a fratricidal fight to the death, with other creature similar to Him, which had a different from our God attitude to life. That admitting of God is described in more details in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from my web page named antichrist.htm, and also in item #L4 from my web page named soul_proof.htm. In turn the fact that our God was forced to fight the battle for life and death with a being similar to Him but of a different attitude to life, practically means that even if God indeed allows to exist such creatures as Satan or devils, still the condition of this existence is that God has His mind connected to the minds of these creatures, and that God precisely controls all their actions.
       Regardless of religious evidence for the fact, that Satan, devils, serpent, etc., are only symbols of actions which are unpleasant for the people, but which actually God is also forced to implement, there are items of scientific evidence for the same fact as well. One of these items of evidence is the situation, that already mentioned earlier the so-called "omniplan" (the one that allows God to fully manage time and every event which affects people) actually would NOT be able to operate if the fate of people, apart from God, was also influenced by yet another entity (i.e. "Satan" or "devil") - which entity would also exhibit its own "free will" and its own goals. On the other hand, the wealth of material evidence which is presented on the web page named immortality.htm, proves conclusively that the "omniplan" actually works, and that we do live in the "reversible software time". In other words, for a number of very important reasons God absolutely could NOT afford, that independently from Him, people are influenced by any other creature that also possesses the "free will" and that have its own goals, agendas, and its own manners for their achieving. The only thing that our God can afford, is that the characteristics and nature of some actions that God is also forced to make, are illustratively symbolized to the people as a kind of hideous creatures. In turn an example of the further evidence for the fact, that it is God, NOT Satan or devils, that serves to selected people, among others, also evil, is a close correlation between the arrival of natural disasters, and the level of immorality and the absence in a given community of those required by God at least "10 righteous" - which correlation is scientifically documented, among others, in items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named petone.htm.
       To summarize the above, although for facilitation of people's gathering of knowledge about the varieties and works of good and evil, God introduced illustrative symbols such as Satan, serpent, devils, etc., in fact for many extremely important reasons, all good and all evil is served to people personally by God. In other words, pain and suffering has always been served to the people by God, NOT by Satan or devils. After all, the inability of the reign of God over the full fate of people, would be a proof of the weakness of God, the manifestation of God's inability to parentally influence people, and the cause of inability of God to achieve the objectives for which originally God created people. In total, allowing that Satan created by God freely destroys the efforts of God, would be a manifestation of God's lack of competence in the management of the world, which after all, our God created Himself. However, the unprecedented level of perfection with which our world is designed, created, and currently works, proves that such suspecting God of a lack of competence or knowledge would be so enormous nonsense, that it does NOT even deserve any consideration. So the only explanation for the creation and existence of Satan and devils as symbols of "evil", is that for many important reasons God decided that the initial maintenance of these symbols of "evil" was the best solution for the to-date level of human knowledge and maturity. However, on the current and the future level of knowledge and maturity of people, it is preferable to already know the whole truth. Thus, in order to let people learn this truth, God inspired the formulation of foundations for the new "totaliztic science", then He guided this new science towards the establishing of facts presented, among others, here, as well as in the rest of this web page. After all, wise God knows perfectly well, that the kind of people who do NOT deserve to benefit from the knowledge presented here, are to reject the truth provided here, even if they were fed with this truth directly into their mouths with a proverbial "silver spoon".

#C3. God is preparing people to everlasting life, because He trains them onto moral, disciplined, effective and battle-hardened "soldiers of God":

       That indicated previously theory of everything, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, revealed to us the cognitive path that allows to determine causes for which God originally created pain and suffering - although He could also create a world in which neither pain nor suffering do exist. Namely, it all starts from knowing the situation in which our God is, and which is described in more detail in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. To summarize briefly this situation, our God self-evolved in a limited area of the infinitely large counter-world. Hence, then when He created our physical world, He took into His possession only a tiny fraction of the infinitely large counter-world. As a result, in other areas of this infinitely large counter-world, in which still prevail the original conditions of primordial chaos, with the passage of time also other gods can self-evolve, meaning can self-evolve other intelligent beings similar to our God. The knowledge of these other beings, and thus their powers, with the elapse of time may therefore be similar, or even higher, than the knowledge and power of our God. Our God has already bad experiences with such other gods. As our God admits Himself this in the Bible - and as is explained in more detail in the abovementioned item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, together with our God, in the same part of the counter-world also self-evolved another like-Him brotherly entity, with which our God was later forced to fight a fratricidal struggle for life and death. He survived only because, as this is explained in the biblical "Book of Wisdom", verses 10:1-3, He managed to accumulate more wisdom than that other brotherly entity - this is why later the main purpose for which our God has created people has become the "pursue of knowledge". So basing on those bad experiences, our God is already preparing Himself for the future possibility that in a distant future in this part of the infinitely great counter-world can once again self-evolve any other entity similar to our God, with which our God will then be forced to fight to the death. Thus, in order to have helpers in this future His struggle with such another entity, our God created people, and now He carefully trains them into His future soldiers of God.
       In order people could in the future become effective "soldiers of God", a lot of different conditions must be fulfilled. The two most important out of them, which exert the greatest impact on the fate of people today, are (a) the need for adequate training of people, means the need for giving to selected people all the required features of "soldiers of God", and (b) the need to give the ability to live eternally to these mortal bodies of people who successfully pass through such "God's training" and who acquire all the attributes required from the "soldiers of God", means the need for giving to the chosen people the so-called "immortality". (See also descriptions from items #L1 to #L7 of the web page soul_proof.htm - which explains exactly what is this "immortality".) God says in the Bible openly about His intention, that He ultimately gives "immortality" to every person who fulfils the requirements of God - that is, to every person who reaches the level of so-called "righteous" (i.e. the level described in item #I1 from a different web page named quake.htm - which, however, level, unfortunately, according to the Bible is to be achieved by only 144,000 of people). For examples of these biblical descriptions - see, among others, abovementioned item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm. In turn, unencrypted disclosure of the fact, that each person must first pass through a properly designed "training" to acquire the characteristics required from a "soldier of God", God decided to skip in the Bible - although this fact is disclosed in the Bible in an indirect and well coded way. Clearly, in His unlimited wisdom and prudence God left this fact as one of the truths and branches of knowledge that in the future people need to discover and refine by themselves. After all, if God openly reported this fact in the Bible as well, then He would have to additionally explain also the structure and operation of the counter-world, and the potential of the counter-world to self-evolve an infinite number of sentient beings similar to our God. Unfortunately, through the open giving to us such explanations, God would remove from the scope of research of humans a large area of knowledge and truth, which future wise and resourceful "soldiers of God" should be able to discover and develop by themselves.

#C4. Part of the training of people into effective "soldiers of God" must also include the learning about pain and suffering:

       Due to knowing what is to be a future function of all soldiers, for each one of us begins to be understandable, why any training for soldiers, must also include learning about pain and suffering, and the acquisition of appropriate coping skills when pain and suffering get to a given soldier. In this situation, it cannot surprise us, that while training all people onto the "soldiers of God", almost continuously God preserves the situation on the Earth that pain and suffering are present in everyone's life. Not without reasons, some people believe that every person receives from God the task to live through a specific portion of pain and suffering. If he or she does NOT experience this portion during the life, then its complementing (living through it) takes place during the dying.

#C5. So here is the explanation of the new "totaliztic science", why God created and tolerates pain and suffering:

       The explanation of the new "totaliztic science" for reasons of the existence of pain and suffering, that stems directly from the explanation of this "part #C" of the web page, is as follows. The situation in which our God is, imposes on Him the need for educating and training "soldiers of God", who will display a set of quite well-defined characteristics (described, amongst others, in item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm), which characteristics people acquire individually, amongst others, when experiencing pain and suffering, means when they make their own attempts to work out ways and means to deal with the causes and consequences of the pain and suffering that they experience, while the God's assessment of the level of achievement of which characteristics also requires subjecting these people to pains and sufferings that test them. In other words, pain and suffering are needed by God for (1) proper education and training of His future "soldiers of God", for (2) selecting and distinguishing between people who are suitable for "soldiers of God", and for separating them from those people who are NOT able to become "soldiers of God" (that is - as the Bible says, to separate the wheat from the chaff, separate the goats from the sheep, etc.), and for (3) testing (examining) the level of acquisition by subsequent humans the features of "soldiers of God", which these people so-far have managed to achieve.

#C6. The findings of the "totaliztic science" on the subject of tools, methods, and principles, with the aid of which God uses consequences of pain and suffering to educate people:

       The basic tool that allows God for such a use of human senses and experiences - including the use of pain and suffering, that shape in them most effectively the desirable characteristics of the "soldiers of God", is the God's ability to govern over the "reversible software time" in which we all live. These governing over time is made possible because God created the unique software entity, which under the name of "omniplan" has been described in items #C3 and #C4 of my separate web page named immortality.htm. By using this "omniplan", God is able to design a course of every detail in the life of every human being, in such a way that according to God's will proves then to be the most appropriate for developing in this person qualities about which God cares the most. In turn, if after experiencing a given segment of life of given person, God discovers that the designed earlier events and experiences did NOT shaped gradually the qualities which God wanted, then the "omniplan" allows God to shift this person to the time that precedes a given segment of his or her life, and then re-design the life of this person in a different way. Such a process of enhancing the details of life that a given person is to experience, God is able to repeat any number of times. In the Bible God even admits, that every person is so shifted back in time at least two or even three times during the entire life - for details see item #B4.1 from the abovementioned web page named immortality.htm. Of course, apart from the Bible, there are also available numerous other items of evidence that God so governs over time of all of us, that due to this He is to get the required educational effects. In order to indicate here also examples of such other evidence of repeated reliving of certain parts of our lives, it belongs to them, amongst others, the phenomenon of so-called "deja vu" - means the phenomenon of remembering what we experienced during one of our previous walks through time, which remembering sometimes still takes place in spite that after any shifting us back in time, God carefully erases the content of our previous memory. An example of another such a proof are also frequent occurrences of phenomena such as those described in items #D6 and #D6.1 from my web page named timevehicle.htm, or described in item #D2 of my web page named newzealand.htm.
       Independently from this basic educational tool, which is the described above "omniplan", God also uses a whole range of other tools that also provide people with the required experience - including pain and suffering, and thus that help God in shaping in people of the required human traits, habits, behaviours, memories, history, etc. One amongst examples of these other tools can be the organ of so-called "conscience", with the help of which God continually tells people what they should do in a given situation. (Further information on this organ of "conscience" is provided in item #C3.2 from my web page named morals.htm, while it is broaden in item #I1 from my web page named quake.htm and in item #G1 from my web page named will.htm.)
       Very important for us people are also ways, methods and principles, with the use of which God applies these tools, so that to each one of us is served the required dose of such types of sensations and experiences - including pain and suffering, that are to induce the intended educational effects. As the new "totaliztic science" was able to establish so far, God developed for this purpose a whole range of methods, ways and principles, which He implements repeatedly on each one of us individually, and also on the entire mankind. Examples of one group of these methods and ways, based on the God's "principles of guiding" people - because all of these methods and ways are aimed at directing (guiding) people to kinds of behaviours and actions that God expects from them, are already described in items #A2.1 to #A2.10 from my separate web page named totalizm.htm. In turn below I mention a few examples of the most important methods and ways amongst the other group of them - about which the totaliztic science also already established that God equally often uses them for the proper serving to people of educational pain and suffering, while learning of which by the reader, in my opinion will increase his or her chances of a correct treatment of unpleasant experiences which in his or her life most probably already are present, or soon will be present. The entire this second (reviewed below) group of methods and ways used by God can be described by the general name of the "principle of reversals" - because all these God's methods and ways boil down to the formation on the Earth of the situation and conditions which are exactly reversed in relation to these which people would like that they prevail here. For more information on the subject of this "principle of reversals" see item #F3 on my web page named wszewilki_uk.htm.) Here are examples of these other God's methods or ways based on the "principle of reversals":
       (1) The giving of power over other humans mainly into hands of particularly immoral, aggressive, and incompetent people. This means, putting power into hands of mainly those people who will spread pain and suffering, induce fights and disagreements, enforce injustice, inhibit progress, spread cronyism and incompetence, etc. Notice that the old, official, so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the science described in items #F1 to #F3 of this web page), this phenomenon that in the position of power and authority always end up mainly the most badly behaving and immoral people, explains by effects of the alleged "law" which supposedly governs over societies, and which law states that "every person lands in his or her life on the threshold of own incompetence". But it is worth noting here, that what this old science explains as the "law" which governs over societies, in fact is a principle of actions which God repeatedly uses in His work. After all, on the Earth only happens whatever God has designed earlier and now He implements with the help of his "omniplan".
       (2) The use of the principle "divide and rule". This principle is the reason why God created on the Earth a number of races of people, a number of languages and nations, a number of religions and cults, different political systems and ideologies, etc. This is because when a group of people become too incumbent and complacent, God directs against them another aggressive group of people, who in some aspect are different, and thus the difference of whom starts to be a source of educational pain and suffering.
       (3) The use of the method of "carrot and stick" to motivate people. Many people have a stubborn nature attributed to donkeys, namely when they are pushed forward, then typically they go backward. But to motivate donkeys, so that despite of their stubborn nature they go forward when this is required from them, people have developed an effective method, in English called the method of "carrot and stick". This method is more fully described in item #D1 from the web page named god.htm. Roughly it boils down to the fact, that the donkey is receiving a carrot when it goes forward, and gets hit with a stick when it goes backward. As it is established by the new "totaliztic science", God often uses precisely this method of "carrot and stick" in all cases, when the refusal by given people of doing something, what God expects from them, has a chance to spoil the God's plans. In such cases, God in a clearly visible manner rewards those people who are doing what God expects from them, and He punishes them painfully and obviously when they delay the implementation of the divine requirements. Folk wisdom for a long time has been aware of the use of this method by God, hence, for example, it describes its implications in numerous sayings like "problem ignored tends to rapidly grow" or "keep your friends close, while your enemies even closer".
       (4) The promotion of only those persons to the role of future human idols and role models, who are to rose later to fame due to many immoral fits and hurting of these people who are under their power. The best example of this principle of God's acting are today's movie stars, singers, and famous sportsmen. In fact, they outdo one another in showing to other people examples of immoral behaviours and abuse of even the most loved ones - even spouses or their own children. In fact, this principle is so dominant, that practically it is impossible to indicate an example of morally correctly behaving movie star, singer, or a famous sport person, while in relation to people who stand out in competitions, create a fashionable bands, or excel in sports, in advance can be predicted, that only those amongst them are to succeed, who in the future are to demonstrate to their fans something shockingly immoral and unfair.
       (5) The giving to women the below-threshold level of imperfection, thus causing that in favourable conditions women are an inexhaustible source of pain and suffering for the people that are in their power. A broader explanation of the reasons for this imperfection of women contains item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm. In turn, some amongst consequences of this below-threshold imperfection of women are discussed in items #B5.1 and #G4 from the web page named will.htm, and in items #J2.2 and #J2.2.2 from the web page named morals.htm.
       (6) The directing of any progress onto "the path of the greatest resistance". For many important reasons, for example to implement the action of a "moral law" which states that "everything must be earned", God intentionally causes, that all activities relevant to the true progress of the people, are always directed at the "path of the highest resistance". The description of this path is already provided on other web pages - for example, see item #D1 from the web page named boiler.htm. So this will NOT be repeated here. In turn examples of evidence which confirms the fact that God intentionally directs everything that makes true progress on this "path of the greatest resistance" may be: the phenomenon called the "curse of inventors" - which painfully affects all individual people that generate the actual progress of mankind, and the phenomenon known as the "inventive impotency" - that painfully experience the entire countries and nations (including the two countries closest to my heart, namely New Zealand and Poland). Both these phenomena of paralyzing the real progress, are described in a number of my web pages, for example see item #G1 from my web page named eco_cars.htm.
       (7) Causing, that "if can happen something painful or damaging, then for sure it is going to happen at the worst time". This causing is so persistent, that it even received a jocose (officially unrecognised by the science) name "Murphy's Law". And so, if someone does something, that can induce a pain or an accident, then one day this pain or accident will occur. If some kinds of situation induce a potential fo hurting or causing pain, then one day they will hurt or cause pain. Etc., etc.
       (8) The intentional creation of phenomena and creatures which are inducing pain and suffering in selected people. For example, the creation of mosquitoes, parasitic organisms, bacteria and diseases, etc. - whose painful consequences, force people to intensively search for remedies. Also creation of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. - whose debilitating consequences force entire communities to a moral renewal and to reconstruction of their philosophies (as explained in the web page quake.htm). Etc., etc.
       Of course, in order to obtain appropriate educational effects, God uses many more principles, ways and methods than these few ones listed above. For example, in the above list I omitted the discussion of methods which stem from item #B1 of the we page named changelings.htm, and which cause that our world created and wisely governed by almighty God drastically differs from the hypothetical world ruled exclusively by coincidences - our lives in which world of coincidences erroneously and devilishly advertises to us the old, official human science (e.g. consider the God's method which causes that with the exception of these situations when we earned something with a heavy moral work (e.g. situations of earning nirvana for ourselves), everything that is pleasant for us never turns out to be good for us, while everything that is truly good for us never turns out to be pleasant for us - i.e. the God's method the work of which describe proverbs of the kind of old Polish "there is NO such bad something that would not turn out into good", or describe sayings of the kind of so-called Pardo's First Postulate, which states, that "anything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or fattening"). However, even on the basis of these several above examples, the reader acquires a relatively good knowledge of what type these methods are, how they affect each one of us, and with what treatment and attitude we should react to them, when we discover that they have been used for the personal good of ourselves, or for the good of someone very dear to us.
       While learning the above examples of the principles and methods with which God induces in people all kinds of feelings and experiences - including pain and suffering, in order to educate people and to shape in them the required characteristics, we should also pay attention to the level of excellence with which these are dispensed to people. After all, the pain and suffering would be easy to "overdose" and their overdose would change down the Earth into a kind of hell. It is easy to notice that God uses a whole range of further methods and principles which I am going to describe on a different occasion, and which are to prevent overfeeding of pain and suffering. Their example can be the principle of God that together with virtually every pain and suffering He also serves pleasure, joy and hope (e.g. consider the pains of childbirth, or the proverb "there is NO such bad something that would not turn out into good"). So the fact that the skill and precision with which God uses his educational tools without overdosing pain and suffering, is another one amongst almost infinite number of reasons why we should admire and bestow trust in the level of knowledge, perfection, and good will of our God.

#C7. What happens, when someone proves to be completely resistant to all attempts of God, to develop in him or in her a set of attributes which are needed in him or in her by God:

       Unfortunately, in spite that for each one of us, God reiterates His attempts to shape attributes that God needs in him or her, a significant proportion of people turns out to be completely resistant to these divine efforts. As it is shown by my estimations described in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm, item #I1 from the web page named quake.htm, and item #L6 from the web page named soul_proof.htm, only about four people for every million humans living on the Earth, in fact acquires all the qualities that God was trying to develop in them. The consequences are such, that these numerous Christian people, who do NOT acquire features required by God, from God's viewpoint become disposable. God does NOT hide what then happens to them, but in the Bible He openly warns that in the present life for these people is awaiting an earlier death. The evidence that is at my disposal, a sample of which I pointed out in the next paragraph, in fact documents that this WARNING of God from the Bible is implemented with a frightening consistency. In addition, according to the Bible, after the resurrection, and after the so-called "final judgment", these people will be irreparably burned.
       Since every activities of God on the Earth are set at teaching and at generating in people the required kinds of experience, histories, memories, and features, also such getting rid by God of those persons who persistently avoid the acquiring of attributes which God tries to develop in them, and thus who are unsuitable for the "soldiers of God", always takes the place in a manner that is maximally educational for other people who are going to be acquainted with their fate. For example, as I discovered it by accident and then described more comprehensively in item #G1 from my web page named will.htm, all my friends and colleagues from the times of youth, whose character and personal qualities I managed to get to know well, while whose my current knowledge allows me to estimate as the impossible to educate into the "soldiers of God" - because already in their youth, they did NOT listen to the voice of their conscience, actually died at a relatively young age in circumstances highly educational for other people familiar with their fates. This in turn, allows me to draw the conclusion that after God definitively establishes through a review of the whole life of those of my friends and colleagues, that they are NOT suitable for "soldiers of God", God shifted them back again to years of their youth, whereupon He ended their lives in a way which was the most educational for those people who knew about their fate.
       A kind of innate sympathy with the fate of friends and fellow humans to which have happened something very unpleasant, typically does NOT allow us to admit, or even just to think, that to these people have happened what they actually deserved. On the other hand, if one starts to analyze scientifically the compatibility of the characteristics of these people (which we know of), with the requirements of God, described, amongst others, in item #I1 of the web page named quake.htm, then it turns out, that this old Polish proverb which states that each person meets exactly the fate which he or she actually deserved, is really true. In this situation, when we encounter an elderly person, then instead of joking about his or her ineptitude, ignorance regarding "our times", a weak body, a confusion of memories, etc., we rather should display a deep respect. After all, to live to an older age is a great honour, because such a long living means that in the eyes of God that someone actually deserved for such a long life. In turn, the fact that in such older person typically NOT everything still works as well as in young people, is due to the fact that the requirements of God that such a person met in his or her life, are very difficult to the fulfilment in the entire 100 %, hence the inherent imperfection of each one of us causes that some amongst these God's requirements simply this person was unable to fulfil.

#C8. When you learn about methods of God, then instead of having a grievance for pain and suffering, you rather will be thankful that God see you as a worthy of lessons that these methods bring to you:

       As everyone can check it out on the reality around us, our lives are ruled by an iron principle, that every negative reactions to pain that affects someone, actually are proof of that person's philosophical immaturity and deficiencies in their knowledge. For example, philosophically immature youngsters and children, always react with screaming, crying and tempers, to every attempt of their parents to bring them to a dentist in order to heal the sick and aching tooth, or to bring them to a doctor in order to give them an injection which makes them resistant to a disease. On the other hand, philosophically mature adults are going voluntarily to a dentist, injections, or even surgery operations, although they know in advance that it will hurt them. In a similar way, the philosophical immaturity of despotic dictators, who for any signs of unpleasant for them criticism, react by putting the critics to prisons, or even throwing them to lions, do NOT allow them to understand, that regardless of the momentary annoyance, this criticism brings also a knowledge of what and how is to be fixed, as in the case of negligence in fixing it, with the elapse of time the social discontent is to grow to the level of the revolution and the killing of this dictator - usually together with his entire family. On the other hand, the democratically ruling leaders, listen to words of criticism addressed to them, and then they make improvements that stem from this criticism. As a result, they are chosen voluntarily for many terms in office, and after the loss of power they still live in a much more pleasant society that has been perfected by them due to this listening to the NOT very nice-sounding words of criticism.
       Examples provided above, as well as the whole sea of other facts on descriptions of which here is not enough space (e.g. consider birth pains), clearly show that every pain and suffering that affects us, always have positive consequences for us. Folk wisdom already knows about this fact for a long time - NOT in vain it recorded this fact in the proverb, that from something bad, always something good comes out. In spite of this, when in life we are affected by any pain, suffering, or troubles, usually in the thoughts we say "God, why You experiences me so painfully - what I did to deserve this?" On the other hand, frankly, when some troubles touch us, we rather should be grateful to God - for many different reasons. After all, pain and suffering are the lessons that allow us to gain the required experience and draw the right conclusions for the future. As a result, over time, due to such troubles we become more experienced and getting smarter. The pain already lived through also increases our philosophical maturity. Due to it, we see life and the world more precisely, and we understand better our countrymen. Serving to us pain is also a proof, that God considers us worthy of experiencing it. This in turn means, that God did not give up in His attempts to improve our natural imperfections, thus that there is a hope for the future that with the elapse of time we will be suitable for the "soldiers of God". Treating us with sorrows is also a manifestation of testing by God of the level of our morality and philosophy. The sole fact, that God is testing us, is also an evidence, that God appreciates our potential and considers what else should teach us to make us more useful to the future implementation of God's superior goals. So when the next time something does NOT comes well for us and we are flooded by a tide of further unpleasantness, let us NOT complain because of this, but rather let us be glad that God does not give up in His attempts to properly shape our habits, traits, and character. Let us also contribute all possible efforts to turn the sensations that we experience into the memories and characteristics of our nature, on the shaping of which in us with the aid of these sorrows God apparently counts.

#C9. Due to learning facts described above, you increase your chance at achieving the level of a "righteous" and at including yourself to the group of 144,000 immortal "soldiers of God":

       For political reasons today's religions tell their followers, that if they only do what these religions require, then the faithful have a guaranteed access to heaven. But requirements of these religions typically are rather easy to meet - for example, participation in religious services and financial support of the religion. Many religious leaders also believe, that without telling to faithful such untruths, their temples and cash-registers would quickly empty. However, if one carefully reads the Bible, then it turns out, that the Bible presents the case of entry into the Kingdom of Heaven in a different manner. Namely, according to the Bible, immortality and the access to the Kingdom of Heaven is to be given by God's to only those selected few who have earned a lasting habit to regularly, indisputably, with discipline, and on a daily basis, fulfil all the requirements and ordinances of God prompted to each person by the whispers of his or her conscience, and given also to the humanity in a written form of the sacred books - e.g. the Bible. In turn, the earning and development of that permanent habit is extremely difficult. Hence, the Bible lets us understand, that to the required by God level of a "righteous", it will be acquired by only a small number of people, because by only about 144,000. According to the estimates which I published in item #I1 from the separate web page named quake.htm, this means that practically to the Kingdom of Heaven will be allowed at most about 4 people out of every million people living on the Earth so far. Expressing this in other words, to deserve the receiving from God an immortal body and eternal life, turns out to be extremely difficult. Hence, only a very small proportion of people are to receive this honour. In order to receive it, it is necessary to learn for a significant period of life, the habit of continual and systematic fulfilment of whatever God requires from us, means whatever the conscience continually whispers to us and also is expressed in writing, by, amongst others, so-called "10 Commandments" published in the Bible.
       To learn anything persistently by a significant proportion of one's life, it is necessary to have what in human language is called motivation. In turn that motivation is NOT to come itself to us, but we must somehow generate it in ourselves. From my experience it stems, that the best generator of the proper motivation is knowledge, especially that one which I try to convey in this "part #C" of the web page. Thus, the information which I am trying to reveal to the reader, states that the learning of knowledge which is explained in this "part #C", allows for an easier generation of the motivation to successfully get through the difficult training and tests that God imposes on our lives, and thus the learning of this knowledge increases our chance of obtaining a success in the inclusion of one's person to the group of these chosen few who will compose that 144 thousand strong army of the future immortal "soldiers of God".

Part #D: Least understandable for people principles of God's action result from the fact, that "God knows future" and thus knows what each one of us is to do before it actually is done:


#D1. Otherwise than people, "God knows future", and thus what God does today always stems, amongst others, also from what is to take place in the distant future:

       Although previous explanations revealed why adult people are affected by pain, suffering, illnesses, death, etc., they do not explain why the same is affecting even very young children, which sometimes suffer, and even die, still in very young age. After all, such very young individuals do NOT know yet about the existence of God, do not know yet how to pray, and did not do yet anything for which God could punish them - because it makes impossible the implementation of God's plans. They even are unable to distinguish between immoral and moral. So let us explain now why such small children are also affected by pain, suffering, illnesses, death, etc.
       Along the path of people through their lives, all events have exclusively chronological character. Furthermore, people do not have insight into the future. For these reasons, when e.g. someone is born, or when still is young, then people do NOT know yet whom this someone becomes when is already an adult. On the other hand, God is in a completely different situation. God created the world in such a manner that time has a software nature - as this is explained best on the entire web page named immortality.htm (especially in its items #C3 and #C4), while briefly is summarised in item #C3 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Namely, time actually can be defined as the so-called "execution control" in human so-called "programs of life and fate". In turn people themselves, similarly like present computer programs that are just running, never know what is to happen in the future. But God is in the situation of a "programmer" who has in front of him the entire such a program, and thus who can check what exactly is going to happen both now and in the distant future. So if God sees that some people are going to do in the future something that is to drastically obstruct the implementation of God's plans, then God either terminates life of such people a long time before they do their evil deeds that put into jeopardy the God's plans, or God makes such people to become handicapped - so that they are unable to implement whatever they intended to do in the later parts of their lives. (Of course, because of the need to respect the so-called "canon of ambiguity" described on the web page will.htm, God is forced to so camouflage His all actions, that these God's actions appear to be accidents, random events, acts of forces of nature, etc.) This is why some people die young, or become handicapped already in young age.
       As we know, for everything that is true, there is also appropriate body of evidence which confirms it. For example, a very simple experiment described in items #D1 and #D2 of the separate web page named immortality.htm is able to prove to everyone with a sufficiently open mind, that time is really a natural program implemented in jumps (similarly like present computer programs do), not a kind of river that flows around us - for which a river the time is considered by present scientists. On a similar principle, one can also find various evidence which documents that God treats people already during their youth with various events that are highly righteous reflection of whatever these people are to do in their mature age. One amongst examples of just such evidence is the regularity experienced in many lives, that whatever happens to people during the youth is actually shaped by what these people are doing during their mature age. Of course, not every person has the intellect capable of understanding that whatever we do as adults, in fact decides about what happened to us when we were young. After all, people think in categories of chronology. So everything that is earlier they consider to be a cause, while everything that comes later they consider to be an effect. However, God sees all times at once, thus everything that people do at any time and it bears significant consequences to other people or to God's plans, for God becomes a cause, while the effect which represents the reaction of God to this cause is implemented by God at any moment of time which from the God's prospective is the most suitable - frequently much earlier than the flow of human time arrives to the cause of that particular reaction of God.

#D2. The explanation "why God tolerates death and injuries of youth", which results from the finding that "God knows future" accomplished by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The fact that "God not only knows future, but also in every His action that He takes, God considers what is to happen only in distant future" for many people is NOT known nor obvious. This is why these people whose intellects are unable to understand such capability of God, that effects of someone's actions are to be served in an earlier time than causes - e.g. an illness or a harm can be served to someone already during a youth, for what this person is to commit only in the adult age. However, even such people who do NOT know or do NOT accept the knowledge of future by God, also feel in their lives a kind of "supervision" or a sort of someone’s "care" over their fate. It means that they notice that their lives in young ages were looking as if controlled by someone in such a way that in their adult age could happen whatever actually has happened to them. But in reality the situation is completely reversed. In reality God first checks what a given person does during the entire his or her life, and only then God so directs his or her life that the doing of this person agrees with intentions and plans of God. This is the reason for which we all should be very cautious as to whether what we do as adults, is really agreeable with requirements of God, because whatever we do in our adult age is going to impact what is happening to us during our young years.

#D3. The body of evidence which confirms, that "God tolerates death and injuries of youth" because "God knows the future" and in previous passages through time He witnessed what given individuals are going to do after reaching their adulthood:

       The most unambiguous confirmation of the shocking fact, that "someone's injury or death at young age from a given passage of time stems from whatever in previous passages of time a given person did after reaching the adult age", is information from the Bible that is discussed in item #B4.1 of the web page named immortality.htm. This information confirms, that every person in the duration of his or her life is shifted back in time several times by God - so that every next his or her passage through the time could be increasingly better adjusted to goals that God intends to accomplish through the life of that person (for more details see items #C3 and #H1.1 from the web page named prophecies.htm). Obvious conclusion which directly stems from that information, is that if a given person in subsequent shifting back in time stubbornly acts against God's intentions, then God finally sends on it either injures or even death - which make impossible for this person any further acting against God's intentions. It is worth to add here, that the fact each one of us is shifted back in time by God in the duration of his or her life, is already confirmed by a large body of phenomena which we experience (although usually immediately ignore and forget), such as "deja vu", or as these ones described in items #D1 and #D2 and in captions under "Fig. #D1" and "Fig. #D2" from the web page named newzealand.htm, and also in items #D6 to #D6.1 from the web page named timevehicle.htm.
       One example of evidence in confirmation of the previous explanation that "God sends injuries or death onto young people when He is unable to stop these people from sabotaging God's intentions after they reach an adult age" are attributes of people who die at young age. I knew in person a number of such people which died in relatively young age. After all, in my young age I had a lot of friends, good acquaintances, peers from schools and universities, etc. Further fates and deaths of some amongst of them come to my attention at a later age. As it turns out, all these people dying at young age have numerous attributes in common. For example, (1) all of them were liked a lot by their friends and peers. They also represented an excellent material for leaders - who at adult ages could influence fates of many people. In turn their parents were almost crazy in the pride and in bragging about them. This "being liked by all", most probably resulted from the fact that (2) a majority of them: originated from families in which mothers were true "heads of houses" (see consequences of this fact resulting from the content of item #B2 on the web page named antichrist.htm), had relatively wealthy parents, frequently were just single (only) children, and grew up in the atmosphere of prosperity and extremely high love of parents (frequently being even enormously "spoiled" by parents, especially by mothers) - all of this resulted for them in the lack of duties, lack of structure and consistency in daily lives, lack of requirements which would hardened their characters, and also in the possibility of concentrating their entire effort mainly on "being liked" by others. In turn such circumstances of their growing up - according to explanations from item #A3 of the web page named god_proof.htm, caused that in the adult age they had a high chance of "going to dogs". Furthermore, these circumstances caused also, that all of them developed in themselves quite a meaningful attribute, the existence of which was confirmed in their everyday actions, namely that (3) almost in everything that they did, they acted as if they never listened to whispers of their conscience. In turn that "deafness to whispers of conscience" and the lack of taking notice of the direction in which through "whispers of conscience" God was ordering them to go in their lives, most probably was the major reason for which God finally was "giving up on them" and allowed their lives to terminate, or in some other decisive manner He was stopping them from exerting too significant influence onto other people. (Notice, that also for the topic of an early death of almost every person which becomes deaf to the voice of the conscience, the "totaliztic science" provides replies to typical questions of the type "why", "how", "what evidence confirms this", "how we should defend ourselves from experiencing such a fate", etc., These replies are presented in items #G1 to #G3 of the web page named will.htm.)
       At this point it is also worth to notice, that the same principle of early death for almost every intellect which becomes deaf to voice of own conscience, is probably the cause why e.g. in New Zealand random deaths, suicides and mental illnesses of young people reached already epidemic proportions. The acquiring by youth of the habit to NOT listen to the voice of own conscience is a logical consequence of laws adopted in New Zealand and described, amongst others, in item #B5.1 of the different web page named will.htm - which laws send parents to prisons, if these parents try to justly discipline their own children. What even worse, instead the problem of suicides of youth being openly discussed in public, and instead the society is developing an awareness to the cause-effect link that exists between the lack of justly disciplining of children and teenagers with rods, and their deafness to the voice of conscience, this problem is surrounded by a secrecy and by an official censorship. (Please notice, that a mechanism of cause-effect link between the lack of justly disciplining of children and teenagers with rods, and the later deafness of young people to voices of their consciences - which deafness in turn is the cause of too-early deaths of youngsters, is discussed in item #G1 of the separate web page named will.htm.) It is interesting, whether that secrecy and official censorship that surround the epidemics of suicides and deaths of youth, was introduced in New Zealand in order to hide from the society the catastrophic consequences of anti-parental laws, which severely punish parents that try to justly discipline their children with rods, and also to camouflage incompetence of present "atheistic orthodox scientists" who try to correct God by forbidding the use of rods for justly disciplining of children and teenagers? But even a secrecy and censorship is NOT able to stop a gradual emerging of the truth - which (the truth) begins to clarify slowly if one reads NOT just a single, but a number of articles on this subject. For example, if one reads following articles: [1#D3] "Female youth suicides highest in decade" from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, December 21, 2010; the article [2#D3] "String of suicides sparks law plea" from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, May 21, 2011; the article [3#D3] "We can't bury our heads in the sand" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, May 25, 2011; the article [4#D3] "Suicide victims' families want details made public" and the article [5#D3] "Its a delusion to think that banning discussion saves lives" from pages A13 and A26 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Saturday, May 28, 2011; the article [6#D3] "Disadvantaged NZ youth bottom of OECD league" from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, July 19, 2011; the article [7#D3] "Teen suicide pact fear" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, September 5, 2011; the article [8#D3] "Govt to spend $62m on youth mental health" from page A4 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, April 5, 2012; and the article [9#D3] "Mental illness on rise in children" from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, March 26, 2012.
       Environments and moral atmospheres in which accidents of youth are happening are also a highly meaningful evidence, which confirms the reasons explained here for which young people are affected by pain, suffering, illnesses, death, etc. If one analyses these environments and atmospheres, then he or she is to discover, that the most disasters happens to youth which is born in the environment that we know perfectly as the one which breeds highly immoral adult people that are to lead lives which contradict the God's requirements. For example, most of suffering children is in Africa and in countries that are known from practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism (e.g. in Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea, Samoa, etc.). Simultaneously it is also known to us, that in the same Africa and in countries which practice that immoral philosophy of parasitism, the most of children grows up into political tyrants, terrorists, pirates, rapists, exploiters, cheaters, etc. Similar situation is with children from families of drinkers, drug addicts, homosexuals, etc., and also in families of highly rich people - which do NOT apply in life the ordered in the Bible principle that "children should be brought up like steel is hardened" - for more details see explanations from item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm and from item #A3 of the web page named god_proof.htm.
       There are also examples of other evidence, which seem to confirm the thesis that whatever happens to young people in fact is dictated by what these people do in their mature age (or what they would do - if they could live so long). Fates of some known to me people with disabilities seem to imply that these are just such examples. If we learn exactly the entire fate of a person with a handicap and we analyse this fate under the angle described here, then usually turns out that we discover something about them, that certifies either unwilling, or premeditated, doing in their adult age bad deeds which drastically run against rules of behaviour given to us by God (i.e rules which in an ancient language were written down in the Bible, while in a modern language are described by the philosophy of totalizm). But because typically we do NOT know entire lives of all people with disabilities, we are not able to decide whether fates of those whom we know, are exceptions or just repetitive rules. For example, I encountered in my life handicapped people which committed suicides, gave various immoral examples to other people (e.g. become addicted to something), publicly cursed at God (committed blasphemy), etc. Of course, if we look chronologically at lives of such people, then we could claim that whatever they did was the result of them being handicapped. But if in fact we look at them in a timeless manner, as at people God looks, then the fact that they become handicapped in their young age, can also be the consequence or an effect of whatever they committed in their adult age. I wonder whether, if the reader could e.g. analyse the content and consequences of the book described in the article [10#D3] "Hawking: discoveries leave no place for God", from page B1 of the New Zealand newspaper named The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, September 3, 2010), then whether the reader would consider this book to be an example which confirms the thesis explained above?
       A completely different kind of evidence that God sees all times at once, and thus that the moment when God serves to someone an effect is chronologically independent from the moment when a cause appears, is the God's rule that to these people who believe in something so strongly, that they are prepared to act on this belief, God always provides evidence in support of their belief. (This rule is described and explained more extensively in item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm, and also in subsection A16 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5].) As it turns out, such a confirming evidence frequently is served to these people already after they started to believe strongly into something, and after they acted upon this their belief. (E.g. many people first starts to believe strongly into demons, spirits, UFO, Yeti, monsters, etc., and only later God makes that these people encounter of whatever they strongly believe in.) On the other hand, the human principle of "cause and effect", which is based on the chronology of the elapse of time, would need to have this effect, that first these people should see the evidence on something, and only then they could begin to strongly believe in it.

Part #E: Further vital methods of God's actions towards people:


#E1. The principle of God's action which states that "no matter how far from truth are someone's strong beliefs, God still is to provide this person with evidence which is to confirm the correctness of his or her believes":

       Another principle which wise God uses in His interactions with people, is that "if someone believes in something enough strongly to act on the basis of that belief, then this person should receive evidence in confirmation of that belief, even if it is untrue". This principle has the goal to inspire people to creative searches, to exchange of ideas and to sticking to own beliefs, to searches for truth, and in total to the accomplishing the main goal for which God created man, which is to "increase knowledge". It is due to the strict implementation of this principle, that people who e.g. strongly believe in ghosts actually do see ghosts, people who believe in UFOs, demons, or monsters, do see UFOs, demons, or monsters, people who believe in indications of divining rods and pendulums, actually receive correct information from these indications of pendulums and rods, for people who strongly believe in dreams or specific superstitions, these dreams or superstitions do work in practice, the entire human science which believes in past existence of dinosaurs on the Earth, continually digs out "bones of such dinosaurs", etc., etc. Because of the existence and work of this principle of God, we can state that .
       The principle of God's action towards people described here is also discussed quite extensively on a number of other web pages and publications by the author. Therefore, if someone wishes to study it more deeply, he or she should look into item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm, to item #F1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm, or to subsection A16 from volume 1 of the newest monograph [1/5]. In turn that erroneous belief of the entire present "atheistic orthodox science", that "bones of dinosaurs are proof that on the Earth dinosaurs actually lived in distant past", is discussed, amongst others, in items #F2 and #H2 below on this web page, in item #D3 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm, in items #C1 to #C4 of the web page named prawda_uk.htm, and almost in the entire web page named evolution.htm.

#E2. Since God implements the principle that "no matter how far from truth are someone's strong beliefs, God still is to provide this person with evidence which is to confirm the correctness of his or her believes". so how we can distinguish true existences from inspiring "fabrications of God":

       The principle of God's actions described above, to always "fabricate" evidence which confirms strong beliefs of every person, causes that the reality that surrounds us is filled up with a significant number of manifestations, which actually do NOT exist permanently and physically - as permanently and physically e.g. people exist. So the scientific and philosophical problem which emerges from the existence of these "God's fabrications" is "how to distinguish whether something exists permanently and physically, or just is one amongst these temporary 'fabrications of God' ". As it turns out, the philosophy of totalizm indicates to us a method of such a distinguishing. This method states that whatever exists permanently and physically can be detected and confirmed objectively from every possible approach to research. In other words, such as the existence of us, people, and also the existence of the planet Earth, Sun, Moon, chemical elements, water, trees, crops, etc., can be confirmed at every possible manner, and with every approach to research (especially for the approach "a priori" and simultaneously approach "a posteriori"), everything that it is possible to detect and to confirm with all known manners, also "exists permanently and physically". In turn whatever can be detected and confirmed only subjectively on one amongst several [possible manners, but it remains "undetectable" for other approaches to research, is just a "temporary fabrication (simulation) of God".
       According to the above definition, God's fabrications are for example UFO vehicles and UFOnauts, and also Yeti, Nessie, spirits, demons, fata morgana, and a whole array of other temporary manifestations. This is because they can be confirmed only with the "a priori" approach to research. On a similar principle the "God's fabrications" turn out to be also for example "dinosaurs", "Big Bang", "black holes", and a whole array of other forms and objects confirmed only subjectively by the official "atheistic orthodox science" to-date and only with the "a posteriori" approach to research.

#E3. The principle of God's action which states that "everything that is moral and beneficial for all people involved must be earned with a significant contribution of human effort and labour, while everything that is immoral and harmful for people involved can come by itself without any effort on our part":

       In the world without God, the consumption of labour during "doing good deeds" and during "doing evil (sinning)" would depend just on coincidences and would NOT display any regularity. But in the world created and ruled by God, the "doing good deeds" must come with a significant difficulty and effort, while "doing evil" can be easy and pleasurable. After all God wants to educate for Himself souls on which He can depend that these will NOT get discouraged by any difficulties and obstacles on their paths toward continuous doing good deeds. Furthermore, God needed to also make sure that "doing nothing is NOT by any chance 'the most moral behaviour' of people" (after all, the justice requires that in the world ruled by God "lying on our backs" and "doing nothing" must be significantly less moral than the heavy labour of striving to accomplish some goals). For these reasons God established a kind of so-called "moral field" which is invisible to human sight and the action of which is similar to the work of gravity field. This invisible "moral field" causes, that "doing everything that is moral must be difficult and laborious, because it requires that people climb uphill in this moral field", while "doing everything that is immoral is easy and pleasurable, because it depends on sliding down in this moral field" - for more information on this subject see item #A2.1 on the web page named totalizm.htm. In other words, according to the principle discussed here, "everything that is moral and good for all people involved must be laborious and difficult for accomplishing", while "everything that is immoral and detrimental for people is easy, pleasurable, and frequently arrives to us just by itself". Through such an action of this "moral field", only the fact that this action can be noticed by us in everything that we do, is just by itself one amongst more convincing proofs for the existence of God and for the intelligent governing of the world by God.
       The principle of God's acting discussed here is so fundamental for the philosophy of totalizm, that from various points of view it is also discussed on a number of totaliztic web pages - e.g. see also item #H2 on the web page named prawda_uk.htm, items #B1 and #C1 on the web page named parasitism.htm, item #G3.3 on the web page named morals.htm, or item #A3 on the web page named god_proof.htm.
       It is worth to notice, that the principle discussed here (about obstructing everything that is moral and good for people) exerts also a noticeable influence on this web page (and on other web pages which disseminate morality and truths). For example, according to this principle, God assists and makes easier the task for every individual and every decision-maker or country, which takes an immoral decision to sabotage somehow, or to obstruct finding and reading this web page (as well as other similar web pages which inform about morality, truths, God, soul, new "totaliztic science", etc.). In the result, already on many servers to which were uploaded totaliztic web pages of the author, the displaying of most vital amongst them is blocked - e.g. check on various servers the display of web pages named god_proof.htm, god_proof.htm, god_exists.htm, god_istnieje.htm, god.htm, god.htm, or even jan_pajak.htm and jan_pajak.htm.

Część #F: Where hide further, similar to the above, replies to questions about God:


#F1. Why the humanity is to be punished by errors and by detrimental effects of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, until the time of recognising, official establishing, and public financing of the newly-born "totaliztic science":

Motto: "The degeneration of fruits is a proof of degeneration of the tree that yields them, while the degeneration of the humanity is the proof of degeneration of science and education."

       Starting from 1985, means from the date of development of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm, practically two completely opposite and mutually competitive kinds of science do exist on the Earth. The older one exists since almost beginnings of time. Until present days it become the "official science of the humanity" and gained an absolute "monopole for knowledge and for education". Some call it the "atheistic orthodox science". In the fate of humanity it fulfils a similar role like a "snake head". Namely, similarly like in case of a snake - wherever its head goes also the rest of body is to follow, in case of the humanity wherever the official science directs itself, also soon the entire humanity is to land. Thus the "degeneration of the humanity" which we currently see around ourselves, is actually the result of the "degeneration" which in the meantime paralysed the deprived any "competition" official human science.
       A completely different science was born from the developed in 1985 theory called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" and from the "philosophy of totalizm". This one is called the "totaliztic science". But the reason why hardly anyone has heard about it, is that for the last over quarter of century, this old "atheistic orthodox science" continually "silenced the voice" of the newly born "totaliztic science". In turn, by "silencing the voice" of the new "totaliztic science", the old official science also silences truths, and deprives humanity the right to a second half of correct knowledge, which the old science is NOT able to see because of the bans, limitations, and the overgrowing with deviations. Only in most recent times, the creation of internet, allowed the new "totaliztic science" to begin avoid publishing-barriers that this old science imposed on it, and thus begin to reveal at least some amongst its numerous "eye-opening" accomplishments. So it is about the time we learn these.

#F1.1. The "atheistic orthodox science" to date is like a "castle on ice" deprived of foundations, chocking the truth, and gaining profits from its "monopole for knowledge" and from lies which it spreads:

       The official human science to-date carries out all research starting from the approach which in philosophy is called "a posteriori", means "from effects to causes" - as this is explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. In addition, this science has so-far the absolute monopole for knowledge, because it did NOT have any official "competition" in the form of a publicly recognised different research and educational institution which similarly like it would be financed from taxes of people, but which would research the reality from an opposite philosophical approach called "a priori", means "from the cause to effects" - as only a "competition" would force the official science to "earn for living by generating results". Somehow it so happens, that in "a posteriori" approach to research, it is extremely difficult to detect and to prove the existence of God. In addition, holding the "absolute monopole for knowledge" together with personal ambitions and psychological state of various most influential scientists, make it impossible to even consider the possibility, that in the universe does exists a superior being, such as God, which "knows more on every possible subject" than present scientists know. As the result, this official human science to-date, with the elapse of time lost completely interests in respecting the possibility that after all "God does exist". It also adopted officially the so-called "Occam razor" (also known as "Ockham razor"), for its most important "funding assumption". The "Occam razor" was introduced to the official philosophy of human science by a medieval philosopher named William Occam (born in 1285, died in 1349) - means in times when the Catholic Church was "multiplying devils which sit on a pinhead", thus to maintain the rationality the science needed a "test for absolute necessity of consideration of a given entity". This is why that "Occam razor" orders that "entities are not to be multiplied beyond absolute necessity". Unfortunately, with the elapse of time that "Occam razor" caused the "pouring a child together with the bath", because together with "devils", "angels", "imps", etc., it also "removed" God from the science. Thus, that setting the philosophical foundation of the human science on the "Occam razor", transformed the science into an exclusively "atheistic institution". It is so, because people received from God the so-called "free will". In turn, the very definition of this "free will" states that God "can be" considered in life and in research, but there is NO "absolute necessity" for His considering and for recognising Him. In the result, this "Occam razor" forced the science to-date to atach to everything that scientists do, the unwritten claim that "God does NOT exist", which actually is contradictive to the merit of "free will" and to the existing evidence. In this way the science fully deserves the name "atheistic orthodox science" which it receives from investigators forced outside of its official stream. So although with the elapse of time some scientists started to literally "trip" over increasingly more numerous cases when "the evidence confirms the existence of God" - such as the evidence described on the web page named god_proof.htm, the official "atheistic orthodox science" started to openly ignore that evidence, or hide it and pretend that it does NOT exist at all.
       Unfortunately, the life of all so-called "intellects" (means the life of everything that leads "intelligent lives", i.e. people, families, entire science, governments, politicians, entire countries, etc.) is ruled by the law that "intellects which do NOT have opposition nor competition which would force them to continuously fight for the survival, with the elapse of time are overgrowing with deviations thus transforming themselves into so-called parasitic intellects, and then they begin activities which are exact opposite to the ones for implementation of which they were established originally". (This law is also explained in item #M1.3 from the web page telekinetics.htm and in item #A4 of the web page named god_proof.htm.) It is just because of the action of that law, that for example unmarried women with the elapse of time acquire "behaviours of spinsters". It is also this law that with the elapse of time turns almost every government and almost every politician deprived the "opposition" and "competition" into a "corrupted tyrant and a persecutor of its own nation". The action of this law caused, that until today this "holding the absolute monopole for knowledge" and deprived of any competition "atheistic orthodox science" acquired the increasingly more deviated behaviours of a "religion without God", thus instead of "bringing progress", for some time now it started to act exclusively as "breaks for the progress". Until the present time the function of the "atheistic orthodox science" as "breaks for the progress" intensified so much, that this science already started to act for the detriment of entire humanity - the best proof of which become events connected to the explosion of atomic reactors from Fukushima in Japan, described more comprehensively in items #C7 and #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm and in items #M1 to #M1.3 of the web page named telekinetics.htm.

#F1.2. The newly born "totaliztic science" is like a "political prisoner" that emerged from knowledge and truth, sacrificed his life for the progress, but is chained, deprived the right to speak, and forgotten by the society for the good of which it suffers:

       Fortunately for the humanity, almost simultaneously with "going to dogs" of that old "atheistic orthodox science", God allowed that on the Earth was born a new "totaliztic science" which leads research from that so-far ignored approach called "a posteriori", means "from the cause to effects". The wider description of this newly born "totaliztic science" are provided in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. In turn the founding publication for that new "totaliztic science", is the newest monograph [1/5]. The general "cause" in research of this newly-born "totaliztic science" is God, while the "effect" is the "reality which surrounds us". Therefore, this new "totaliztic science" is the first science on the Earth, which by using modern tools and methods of science, researches God, and researchers the reality from the point of view of God. As such, it is so needed "competition" for the "atheistic orthodox science" - thus starting from the time it was born it "watches hands of official science" and forces it to start fight for the survival - similarly as before that "atheistic orthodox science" forced to fight for survival both, the newly born "totaliztic science", as well as the scientific theory and philosophy on which this "totaliztic science" was founded (means the so-called Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm).
       The "totaliztic science" already exists and already works practically since 1985. For example, this web page, as well as all web pages and monographs indicated in the "Index of content with links" from item #K2 below, are the manifestation of official accomplishments of it. Of course, because it was born relatively recent, it still must fight for its place in the society, and also fight for receiving the official access to the public financing and public education - which so-far were granted only to the monopolistic "atheistic orthodox science". After all, until the time when it receives its own share in the public financing for research, and until it will be able to open its own schools and universities, the "totaliztic science" will be forced to act "underground" and fight for the survival with the "atheistic orthodox science" which tries to destroy it and disallows it to speak publicly. Therefore, the "totaliztic science" counts here that also you, the reader, contributes your own support and effort, to officially establish it and publicly finance it - as a new official science and as so needed official "competition" for the old orthodox science.

#F2. While the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is like a "castle on ice" deprived of foundations, the newly born "totaliztic science" has solid, strong, wide, and correct scientific and philosophical foundations:

       If one analyses thoroughly the matter of scientific and philosophical foundations of the science, then it turns out, that the only foundations on which rests the entire huge structure of the to-date "atheistic orthodox science", is that "founding assumption" called the "Occam razor" (i.e. the one that states "entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity"). What even more interesting, the "Occam razor" stands in the obvious contradiction to our "free will", and thus also to the reality. After all, the principle of "free will" states, that "in everything that people do, they have a right to choose this alternative, which they consider to be right and true". On the other hand, the "Occam razor" forbids to people leading research that run along one amongst two existing and perfectly recognised approaches, i.e. it forbids to research the reality from the "a priori" approach ("from God to reality around us") - allowing to research the reality only from "a posteriori" approach (i.e. "from effects to causes"). All other theories and findings of the "atheistic orthodox science" to date (apart from that "Occam razor") are "effects" of acting according to that "razor" - thus they cannot be considered to be "foundations" of the science. And so, for example so-called "natural evolution" is only an "effect" agreeable with that "razor" rejection by the science the possibility that everything was created by God. In turn the so-called "Bog Bang theory" is also only an effect of the rejection by this science the "process of creation of the physical world" by God. No wonder, that such "resulting" scientific theories still contain in themselves so many holes and inconsistencies, such as for example the claim of the "Big Bang theory" that "the entire universe originates from nothing" (this claim is explained more comprehensively in item #C12 of the web page named bible.htm and in item #E1 of the web page named will.htm), or the claim of "natural evolution" discussed in items #E1 and #E2 above that the existence of petrified "bones of dinosaurs" is a proof that dinosaurs really lived on the Earth in past, not just a "fabrication" by God discussed in item #E1 above, which was to inspire people to "searches for knowledge". (Interestingly, while pursuing the claim that "dinosaurs existed objectively because people encounter petrified bones of dinosaurs", the same official human science "practices double standards" and refuses to also recognise, that the existence of "UFO photographs" and "people abducted to UFOs" should certify as well that UFOs and UFOnauts exist equally objectively, the same as these dinosaurs existed.)
       But if we analyse scientific and philosophical foundations of the newly-born "totaliztic science", then it turns out that these foundations are incomparably more solid, wide, and true from scientific and philosophical foundations of the to-date "atheistic orthodox science". For example, scientific foundations for the "totaliztic science" provides the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - the correctness of which is indicated by an entire ocean of already identified and confirmed evidence. In turn philosophical foundations of the "totaliztic science" is the entire huge philosophy of totalizm which for the increasingly larger group of people proves in practice its absolute correctness.
       In total, the comparison of quality and extensiveness of foundations for both these sciences turns out to be highly disadvantageous for the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date - which seems to be a "science without true foundations" (i.e. the science which "hangs in mid-air" or which is like "a castle erected on ice"). No wonder that this science is so afraid a "competition" in the form of newly-born "totaliztic science", that it uses the entire its power and the entire its authority, to "silence" and to hold back the arrival of "totaliztic science" which is based on truth and on really existing solid foundations.

Part #G: The new "totaliztic science" provides replies to practically all vital questions:


#G1. Let us seek answers of the "totaliztic science" to the basic questions:

       In spite that the new "totaliztic science" still is NOT officially recognised, that all its research it carries out without any official funding, and that it is brutally persecuted and silenced by the old monopolistic "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, its scientific contribution is already enormous. Until today it provided to us replies to thousands immensely vital questions. So if the reader wishes to learn these replies, then it is enough to have a look at totaliztic web pages devoted to the subject area that he is interested in, listed in Menus. Especially it is worth to learn replies of this science contained on web pages of such names as: god_proof.htm, soul_proof.htm, ufo_proof.htm, seismograph.htm, or immortality.htm.

#G2. Monograph [1/5] as a scientific report with outcomes of to-date research on God accomplished by the newly born "totaliztic science":

       Until the time when the "totaliztic science" was born, there was NO objective scientific research, which would attempt to really get to know God scientifically. On the other hand, when one loves his (or her) God and creator, one feels as to get to know Him much better. Fortunately, the development of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the philosophy of totalizm enabled the author of this web page to research God with the use of modern scientific methods and from the abandoned previously by the official science point of view that "God does exist". Results of this "pro God" research on God are combined into my monograph marked [1/5] - which can be downloaded from Internet free of charge. So if you really wish to learn what at this stage of research is scientifically known about your God and creator, have a look at that monograph [1/5] - starting from its volume 1.

Part #H: Examples of evidence still present on the Earth, the existence of which is by the new "totaliztic science" indicated as proofs of the intelligent and purposeful actions of God:


#H1. The existence of structures on the Earth (e.g. "Inca stone walls") the level of perfection of which exceeds the knowledge and capabilities of even present human engineering, confirms the creation by God:

       Numerous "megalithic structures" exist on the Earth, the level of perfection of which significantly exceeds the present level of human science and technology. In other words, even present engineers would NOT be able to erect these structures in the manner they were erected and from materials that were used in their construction. The best example of just such structures, are "Inca stone walls" from Peru - a photograph of one of which is shown below in "Fig. #H1". The attribute of these walls is, that they are constructed from stones tightly fitting with each-other along irregular surfaces, the tolerance of mutual fitting of which exceeds 0.1 mm - i.e. between which stones one cannot push even a blade from a thin Gillette razor. The point is, that present engineering is still NOT able to cut stones so precisely and to mutually fit their irregular surfaces with such a tight fitting. As a former professor of mechanical engineering I know jolly well, that the present engineering would be able to maintain a similar accuracy of their machining - if these stones would fit to each other with the ideally flat or ideally cylindrical surfaces (means - if the stones have e.g. shapes of square "bricks" of identical dimensions). But our engineering is NOT able to carry out yet the machining of stones which fit together through surfaces other than planes or cylinders. In other words, so accurate machining and fitting of stones with irregular surfaces could only accomplish either (1) some different civilisation which is much more advanced than our present Earthly, or (2) God. But because from other research of the new "totaliztic science" (e.g. from the research presented on the web page named day26.htm) it is known that other civilisations are just temporary "simulations" of God, the existence on the Earth of so precisely machined and fitted curvatures from stones of the "Inca walls", means that these walls were created by God already at the moment of creating the Earth.
       Of course, independently from "Inca stone walls", many further megalithic structures exists on the Earth, the level of perfection of which also exceeds even the present level of human science and technology. Further examples of these can be, amongst others, great pyramids of Giza, the great wall of China - which supposedly in distant past span up to shores of the Caspian Sea (e.g. see the article "Explorer using Google Earth finds lost piece of Great Wall", from page A15 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, February 28, 2012), the fortress of "Sigiriya" in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, and several other similar structures. Although the official human science claims, that each one amongst these structures were erected by people, about each one of them very old legends do exist, which explain that in fact these structures were erected either by God, or by some supernatural creatures. There are also items of evidence available (e.g. the precision in mutual fitting of stones in "Inca walls" that is impossible to accomplish even today, or the fact that there are remains which really suggest that the great wall of China reached in past as far as shores of the Caspian Sea - while China and Chinese never spread to such great distances) which seem to confirm a supernatural origins of these structures. Furthermore, the true age of almost each one amongst these structures always seems to be close to around 6000 years, thus well corresponding to the date of the Earth's creation that results from data contained in the Bible - for more details see subsection A10 in monograph [1/5].
       The topic of intentional creation by God on the Earth of various megalithic stone structures is discussed also in item #I4 from the web page named god_proof.htm, as well as in subsection A10.1 from volume 1 of monograph [1/5].

Fig. #H1.

Fig. #H1: A photograph of a section of the "Inca stone wall" from Peru. It provides another "engineering proof" for the existence of God, and for the fact that some "megalithic structures" were created by God already at the stage of creation of the Earth and people. This "engineering proof" boils down to the unattainable by people accuracy with which irregular surfaces of stones from the above wall are fitted with each other. (Similarly precise fitting of irregularly curved stones are visible on many other Inca walls from Peru.) Actually, the present technology of humans even today is unable to build stone walls the parts of which would fit together so precisely through their irregularly curved surfaces, and probably even a long time in the future people are still NOT going to be able to build stone walls like the one above. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Notice that the above photograph is also shown and discussed in "Fig. #I1" from the web page named god_proof.htm.

#H2. Why the discoveries of "bones of dinosaurs" provide, amongst others, further proofs that dinosaurs never lived on Earth:

Motto: "The arrogance of present scientists does NOT allow them to notice, that in the world created and ruled by omnipotent God everything is possible, thus e.g. discovering, photographing, or even touching something in such a world can also mean that this something never existed."

       Similarly as present scientists are scoffing at their medieval colleagues in matters of the "numbers of devils sitting on one pinhead", scientists of the future probably are going to scoff at the shallowness and ignorance of present scientists discussing e.g. "habitats of dinosaurs". The reason is, that the claim that "dinosaurs actually lived on the Earth" hides in itself a cardinal logical error in the form of a non-written assumption that "God for sure does NOT exist" (thus implying that these bones for sure have NO right to originate e.g. from the process of creation, but must originate from just and only the so-called "natural evolution"). However, a huge body of evidence documents something opposite, namely that "God does exist" - e.g. see the web page named god_proof.htm. This in turn shines a doubt not only on the question "whether dinosaurs actually ever existed" (or rather for superior reasons their bones were only e.g. "fabricated by God" as a unique kind of "educational equipment"), but also shines a significant doubt whether the majority of present scientists is able to carry our a logical reasoning. After all, a logical reasoning has this attribute that it considers all alternatives. Therefore, because the absolutely reliable scientific evidence that "God for sure does NOT exist" is non-existent, such a logical reasoning must also consider the possibility that "God does exist". In turn, if there are basis for doubting, that the masses of present scientists complacent in their "ivory towers" are still capable of logical reasoning, then there are also basis for predicting, that the intelligence of these scientists (or the lack of it), as well as results of their research, in the future become a subject of common scoffing and public laughter. Thus, e.g. American scientists of the future, instead of present joking "stupid like a Pole" may one day start to joke "stupid like a scientist from 21st century" (of course, according to the action of karma, one day yet someone another, e.g. Chinese, will start to joke about Americans that instead of e.g. concentrating on their economy they wasted their time on inventing such "Polish jokes" about scientists). All the above persuades that we should analyse here this matter with the thoroughness deserved by its rank.
       Let us start from assuming a purely hypothetical situation, that we are watching events when the humanity is already gone, while some expedition of cosmic archaeologists landed in the area of present New Zealand to scientifically research humanoids that lived in there. To a high surprise of these archaeologists, they would discover that New Zealand was populated by two categories of humanoids of different sizes, which lived side-by-side in exactly the same times. One amongst these categories were people of normal size, while the second were "gnomes" (also called "hobbits", "dwarfs", etc.) of around a half of meter in height. Entire settlements inhabited by these New Zealand "gnomes" (or "hobbits" or "dwarfs") would be discovered in several locations of New Zealand, including the area locally known in there as "Welliwood". Furthermore, these cosmic archaeologists would discover, that normally-sized "humans" erected numerous monuments to these "gnomes" in their flower gardens. They would even discover in human archives many books, e.g. about "Snow-white and seven dwarfs", as well as several films, e.g. the "Lord of the rings", which depicted how both these categories of humanoids coexisted with each other. Unfortunately, these cosmic archaeologists - who soon probably would create on their planet an entire new branch of knowledge "palaegnomology" (devoted to scientific research of these New Zealand "gnomes"), would overlook one small detail. Namely, that in spite of these numerous "hard evidence", these "hobbits" and "gnomes" never existed in New Zealand, but were just invented and fabricated by writers, film producers, artists, etc., for accomplishing specific effects and goals. In turn entire cities inhabited by these New Zealand gnomes were erected in there by local "Welliwood" in order to produce several fantastic films on them - e.g. the film "Lord of the rings". So if we would like to summarise in one sentence the general regularity which is illustrated by the above hypothetical situation of finding evidence for half-a-metre "gnomes" living in New Zealand, then this regularity can be expressed e.g. by the following definition: "material evidence for anything, discovered during 'a posteriori' approach to research, in fact can be a proof, that whatever this evidence defines actually never existed". The most painfully the truth of this regularity is experienced by present courts, and also e.g. by people accused of committing crimes only because "they found themselves in a wrong place at a wrong time". In turn the only defence of people against falling victims of this regularity, is that independently from "a posteriori" approach to research practiced by the old "atheistic orthodox science", everything should be also subjected to a parallel and independent research completed with the competitive "a priori" approach practiced by the completely new "totaliztic science" - the official establishing of which is suggested, amongst others, on this web page.
       According to findings of the new "totaliztic science" (described, amongst others, in items #F1 to #F3 of this web page), almost exactly the same as with the above "hobbits", "gnomes", "dwarfs", etc., currently also happens on the Earth with "bones of dinosaurs". Namely, similarly like these hypothetical "cosmic archaeologists" frequently encountered in New Zealand evidence of "gnomes", also present "palaeontologists" frequently encounter "bones of dinosaurs". But because they practice "a posteriori" approach to research, and thus they really do NOT have any knowledge about goals and reasons for which the creator of these "bones of dinosaurs" inserted them to appropriate geological layers of the Earth, their final conclusions can be equally absurd as conclusions of these hypothetical "palaegnomologists". Therefore, in order to be able really speak about "bones of dinosaurs", one needs first learn goals and methods of action of their creator, means God. However, "palaeontologists" have NO clue about goals and methods of action of God - after all they represent the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" which stubbornly ignores research of evidence for the existence of God and which baselessly assumes that God does NOT exist. In the result, about "bones of dinosaurs" present "palaeontologists" may arrive to conclusions equally absurd, ridiculous, ignorant, and separated from truth, as these cosmic researchers of New Zealand gnomes.
       The goal and reason for which God created and maintains man (and also created and maintains the entire humanity, all living creatures, and the entire "physical world") are amongst the most important topics of research for the new "totaliztic science" - for more information about this goal see item #D2 on the web page named morals.htm or item #B1 of the web page named antichrist.htm. Research by this new science disclosed, that the most basic goal of God is "pursue of knowledge". But in order people continually contribute their share towards this God's "pursue of knowledge", it is necessary to subject them to various experiences that inspire in them research and searches for truth. In turn one amongst such inspiring experiences is to continually "confront people with whatever induces in them powerful feelings, e.g. induces awe, shock, fear, desire, controversy, etc.". For example, confronting them with bones of gigantic dinosaurs, or confronting them with findings of astrophysics which appear as if are contradictive to the statements of the Bible. (Other experience, also inspiring research and searches for truth, which God also linked to "bones of dinosaurs", is such insertion of these bones in geological layers of the Earth, that their "conventional dating" extends beyond the moment of creation of the Earth indicated by God in holy books - e.g. in the Bible. This is because such a conventional dating of these "bones of dinosaurs" induces various controversies between both camps of followers of "creationism" and "evolutionism". In the result, such controversies also induce in both these camps strong motivations to increasingly more intense research and search for truth.)
       Expressing the above in other words, only i the world without God the existence of "bones of dinosaurs" in fact would means that dinosaurs ever lived on the Earth. In turn if someone takes on common-sense and on logic even just a "possibility" that God does exist (i.e. even if this someone ignores this huge body of scientific evidence for the "certainty of God's existence", and only considers the "possibility" of God's existence - as every rational person should do), then this someone must also take under consideration, that in the world created purposely and governed intelligently by God the existence of "bones of dinosaurs" does NOT mean that dinosaurs actually lived ever on the Earth, similarly like the existence UFO and UFOnauts also does NOT mean that UFOnauts really live permanently no some planet of the universe. Simply this omnipotent God, who had NO difficulties with creation of the entire physical world, all creatures, man, etc., could for various superior reasons create also these "bones of dinosaurs" as an unique for Him kind of "teaching aid" and then could introduce these bones into appropriate geological layers of the Earth.
       Until today the new "totaliztic science" identified numerous items of evidence which confirm the fact, that "bones of dinosaurs" are just kinds of "educational aids intentionally fabricated by God" in order to inspire people to creative searches for truths and thus to increase human knowledge (as this is indicated by findings of totalizm presented in items #F2 and #E1 from this web page). To these items of evidence can be included, amongst others:
       (1) The fact, that people (and all other living creatures which have DNA) age many times slower in the artificially created by God "reversible software time", while all rocks and petrifications, including bones of dinosaurs, age many times faster in the natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe". A number of totaliztic web pages explains the revolutionary discovery of the new "totaliztic science", that in our physical world prevail as many as two different times – for examples of these explanations see items #C3 and #A1 from the web page named immortality.htm. or items #C3 and #H1.1 from the web page named prophecies.htm. In turn the fact, that our physical world is ruled by these two different kinds of time, causes that people age many times slower than e.g. rocks or petrifications. After all, people live many times through the same life, because God uses on them the method called iteration to continually improve their traits of character and their accomplishments – as this is explained in item #C3 from the web page named prophecies.htm. In addition, this "reversible software time" elapses in jumps (as this is illustrated by the experiment described in item #D1 from the web page named immortality.htm). In turn, between every two jumps of this time exists a huge gap in the elapse, which gap is utilised by God for the analyses of the situations and for designing what should happen next. As the result, God was kind to reveal to us in the Bible (see "2 Peter" verse 3:8) "But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" - which revealing should be interpreted, amongst others, that when in our artificial "reversible software time" elapses just one day, in the natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe", in which lives our God, can elapse even around 1000 years. On the other hand, simultaneously rocks and petrifications do age fast and continuously, because their lives are ruled by the "irreversible absolute time of the universe". In the result of both these different speeds of ageing of people and petrifications, methods of dating used by present science can indicate the death of dinosaurs taking place supposedly millions of years ago, when in fact God could unsuccessfully experiment with creation of dinosaurs in the same time when He created also first people and first animals. In addition, the matter of petrifications of dinosaurs is also complicated by the fact, that this "reversible software time" was introduced by God only during the Biblical "Great Flood" - as this is explained in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm. Thus, all organisms that lived before the Great Flood were subjected to consequences of the action of this "irreversible absolute time of the universe" - forming petrifications the level of ageing of which today is estimated at many millions of years. In turn everything that lived after the Great Flood is ageing according to this artificial and slowly-elapsing "reversible software time", in which the gap since the creation of the humanity amounts today to just around 6000 years.
       (2) The lack of evidential value of these bones in the "a priori" approach to research, means the fact that "bones of dinosaurs have an evidential value only in cases when they are researched from the philosophical approach called 'a posteriori', while they loose the evidential value when they are researched from the approach called 'a priori' ". On the other hand, the philosophy of totalizm reveals to us that only these God's creations exist objectively, factually, and truly, which can be objectively detected and documented from both philosophical approaches, means from the approach called "a priori" as well as from the approach called "a posteriori". In turn everything that can be detected and documented only subjectively and just from a single approach, in fact represents just only a "fabrication of God that is to inspire creative searches for truth and that is created by God just to provide people with confirmations for their deep beliefs" - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #E2 of this web page.
       (3) The age of these bones which are older than the date of Earth's creation. Another kind of evidence for the "intentional fabrication of bones of dinosaurs by God in order to inspire people for creative searches for truth" is also the fact, that "bones of dinosaurs originate from an earlier date than the date of creation of the physical world (determined with the philosophical approach 'a priori' to the human research of reality)" - this date is indicated in item #H1 above. In other words, it is impossible that dinosaurs existed in times when our physical world and the Earth did NOT exist yet.
       (4) The identity to "simulated" UFO manifestations. For the same evidence should be considered also the fact, that "on the Earth exist a lot of e.g. objective photographs, reports of eye witnesses, and material evidence of manifestations of UFO vehicles and UFOnauts, but the official human science does NOT recognise these manifestations for the true proof of the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts". In other words, on what kind of "double standards" this "atheistic orthodox science" has the right to recognise the existence of dinosaurs, but simultaneously it refuses to recognise the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts (and also the existence of many further mysterious objects and creatures "fabricated" by God for educational purposes, such as Yeti, "Nessie", spirits, demons, cities revealed due to "fata-morgana", etc.), although proofs of existence are similar and are similarly deniable for both these categories of creatures and objects.
       (5) The curse of researchers of dinosaurs. Many people interested in UFO know, that rational, serious, and effective researchers of UFO-mysteries are plagued by a kind of deadly "curse". Namely, if persistently and rationally they research mysteries of UFOs or UFOnauts with the use of reliable scientific methodologies, then soon they fall victims of some tragic kind of death. (More information on the subject of this deadly "curse of UFO researchers" is provided, amongst others, in item #J3 of the web page named evidence.htm, and also in items #77 and #78 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5].) But only a sparse people know, that in action is also slightly similar "curse of researchers of dinosaurs" which, this time, kills devoted researchers of these monsters. An excellent example of a victim of this "curse of researchers of dinosaurs", the fate of which concluded in days when I just was writing this item, is 18-years-old New Zealander described in the article [1#H2] entitled "Sad end to dream of walking with dinosaurs", from page A4 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, July 12, 2011. (Notice that other article [1b#H2] about the death of the same girl, illustrated by her colourful photograph, was also published under the title "Tributes flow on internet for 'incredible' girl", from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - only that this other article does NOT mention anything about her fascination with dinosaurs.) This girl since the youngest childhood was fascinated by dinosaurs (this her fascination some describe as an "obsession with dinosaurs"). She always dreamed about becoming a "palaeontologist" and devoting her life to scientific research of these monsters. But it "happened" that soon after starting studies in the direction which was her passion, to New Zealand arrived an Australian exhibition entitled "Walking With Dinosaurs" - creators of which earned money from the present "cult of dinosaurs". A bit of information about that exhibition the reader can find in the article [2#H2] entitled "Walk through dinosaurs' life and times", from page A9 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, June 30, 2011 - which promoted this Australian exhibition shown in Auckland. In face of such opportunity, the discussed fan of these monsters forced her father that as the 18-th birthday gift for her father took her to this exhibition. Her 18-th birthday was on Thursday, while to exhibition in distant by around 650 kilometres Auckland they drove a car on Sunday. In the return way from the exhibition, at 4:40 pm, the car in which she was driven by some mysterious turn of fate had a collision with an ambulance, while this 18-years-old fan of dinosaurs died as the result of that accident. The evidential significance of her death, and also deaths of many other devoted researchers of dinosaurs (or UFOs) depends on this that it confirms a vital rule, namely that "omnipotent God does NOT allow any meddling in his plans regarding progress and path of knowledge in the humanity by too-enthusiastic researchers of creatures and objects which are just God's simulations". This is because such researchers multiply supposed "knowledge" which parts the humanity from the truth, because it looks as "correct" and it bulldozes the truth with the official support of science, although in present times it still is "misleading" as it concerns what is just a "God's simulation" (not the permanent truth) while present people still are NOT mature enough to understand the idea of "God's simulations".
       (6) The insufficient material strength. If "bones of dinosaurs" had the same mechanical strength as bones of present animals, then their strength was too small to reassure the dynamics of movements in largest dimensionally dinosaurs that is attributed to these monsters by present orthodox scientists. In the result, the biggest dinosaurs in fact would be crushed by their own weight - as today it happens with beached whales. Thus, in order the largest dinosaurs in fact could move as dynamically as this is today attributed to them, they would need either to (1) have bones made of materials of a greater mechanical strength than that of bones in present animals (this in turn would be contradictive to principles of "natural evolution", thus undermining claims of evolutionists), or (2) live on a planet with a smaller gravity than that of the Earth (this in turn would contradict the entire discipline of astrophysics), or (3) move exclusively in water - so that the buoyancy would decrease the weight of their bodies (this in turn would be contradictive to their anatomy which documents that dinosaurs lived on solid lands). Of course, for the short-sightedness of present scientists e.g. the empirical fact that bones of beached whales are crushed under their own weight (although whales are smaller than some dinosaurs) seem to tell nothing, similarly as also seem to tell them nothing e.g. the highly puzzling discovery that according to aerodynamics bumblebees should not be able to fly.
       (7) The joke which God played on "atheistic orthodox scientists" that investigate "bones of dinosaurs". As it well suits our God, He continually displays an enormous "sense of humour". Thus, whenever God "makes a joke of someone", He also lets this person discreetly know, that "this is just a joke". In turn the joke which God played on investigators of dinosaurs, and which He later allowed to be "discovered" by them and revealed to the world, is described in the article [3#H2] entitled "Giant sea predator turned victims into art" from page A24 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, October 13, 2011. This article describes a "palaeontology find" that is in the possession of the "Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada", USA. This find has a form of petrified "work of art" which supposedly survived to present times assembled from bones of gigantic dinosaurs of the size of present whales or buses. Before these bones get petrified, someone arranged them artistically into a regular two-row geometrical pattern, sorted by their sizes, and spread in such a precise way, that scientists were forced to exclude a possibility that their placement had a random and a "natural" character. Thus, the only explanation which scientists managed to invent so-far in order to justify just such "artistic" arrangement of these petrified "bones of dinosaurs" from Nevada, was that together with dinosaurs used to live some giant predator (however, which petrified remains were never discovered), which had similar to humans "artistic inclinations" - while from boredom which played with bones of dinosaurs that it ate, arranging these bones into kinds of "works of art". Of course, this entire "gymnastic" and invention of improbable explanations that are NOT based on any existing evidence, the present "atheistic orthodox science" is carrying out only to avoid acknowledging that (1) "God does exist", and that (2) "with the use of 'bones of dinosaurs' this God 'plays jokes' on present scientists". (Further examples of similar "playing jokes" on present scientists by God, are described, amongst others, on the web page named evolution.htm.)
       Of course, wise God tied up to "bones of dinosaurs" much more items of evidence similar to these above. So in order to confirm the truth on their subject, it is enough to discover now, interpret, and reveal these evidence to the world. Unfortunately, as this always is the case with establishing the truth, it will require that someone contributes to research the amount of effort and labour that is equivalent of the rank of this matter (according to the action of the "moral field" expressed also e.g. with the proverb "no pain no gain"). But the establishing truth about "bones of dinosaurs" is worth the effort. After all, it lifts the entire humanity onto a higher level of awareness. Not only it reveals that for inspiring the progress of knowledge God "fabricates" the required "teaching aids" such as these "bones of dinosaurs", but it also revolutionise human views on practically every matter. For example, it confirms, that similarly like these "bones of dinosaurs", God "fabricates" also "UFO manifestations" (described, amongst the others, on the web page ufo_proof.htm), manifestations of various "monsters" of the kind of "Nessie", "Mkole-Mbembe", etc., (described, amongst the others, in item #E1 of the web page stawczyk_uk.htm), manifestations of "humanoids" of the kind of "Yeti", "Sasquatch", "Maeroero", etc., (described, amongst the others, in item #E6 of the web page newzealand.htm), and even in the initial times God created various megalithic structures described, amongst others, in item #H1 of this web page. It confirms also that God created the physical world, the Earth, and man only around 6000 years ago. It changes our attitude to the entire reality around us. It confirms that the "morality is the level of obedience in our actions of the requirements imposed on us by God" - as this is described on the web page named morals.htm, and also it warns that every manifestation of "immorality" is severely punished. It teaches us the scientific methods of thorough learning about our God. Etc., etc. Pity that still so few people appreciate the potential which for the furthering the progress of humanity will introduce the dissemination of truth about bones of dinosaurs. Also it is pity that, as so far, the majority of people practice the punishable by God "passiveness" (described, amongst others in item #B4 of the web page named parasitism.htm and in item #C7 of the web page named seismograph.htm), and thus still almost no-one adds his or her contribution to bringing this truth onto the daylight.
       The reader perhaps is wondering how it is possible that so-many highly-paid professors, who finished such expensive studies on so exclusive universities, derives so wrong conclusions in the matter of "bones of dinosaurs". But the reason is simple - their error originates from the use of inappropriate approach to research (i.e. the approach called "a posteriori" and practiced by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date). The point is, that every object, including "bones of dinosaurs", is not only composed of a "body", but also of a "soul" (or, using the computer terminology, not only of "hardware", but also of "software") - as this is described on the web page named soul_proof.htm. In case of "bones of dinosaurs" this "body" (or "hardware") is the substance from which the bones are created, while "soul" (or "software") is the entire knowledge on their topic, means the knowledge "who" and "why" created them, what is their history, etc. So it happens, that the "atheistic orthodox science" with its "a posteriori" approach to research limits itself to researching only "bodies" (or "hardware"), while ignores researching of "souls" (or "software"). This is because it assumes that the "soul" (or "software") can be easily recreated by "extrapolation" from other, typical and already known to the science cases. But in this assumption it commits a cardinal error, because in the universe exist also so-called "exceptions", the "software" of which cannot be recreated by a typical "extrapolation". (E.g. if orthodox scientists for a "typical" wound of a soldier recognise being "shot", then they are completely hopeless when they meet a soldier who sit on a nail.) So in order to detect and correctly describe also such "exceptions", it is necessary to use a competitive "a priori" approach to research practiced by the new "totaliztic science". In this "a priori" approach, research is initiated from recreation of the "soul" (or "software"), and only then this "soul" ("software") is linked to appropriate "bodies" ("hardware"). In this way errors are avoided even in relationship to "exceptions" towards which the old science is so hopeless. Our civilisation would avoid a lot of suffering, fall-downs and injustices (including the present "economical crisis") if every matter is researched parallel by both these competitive sciences - as this is recommended in item #C1 of the web page telekinetics.htm and item #A2.6 on the web page named totalizm.htm. Therefore I invite here the reader, to also contribute his actions and efforts to possibly soonest official establishing on the Earth this new and so needed "totaliztic science".
       If someone was to indicate something, that already grew to the role of a "symbol" of contradiction between outcomes of research of the old "atheistic orthodox science" and the new "totaliztic science", then this something would be "bones of dinosaurs". After all, mechanisms of creation and reasons for the existence of "bones of dinosaurs" both these sciences explain on cardinally different manners. This in turn causes, that these bones are really the symbolic "no-one's land" and "battlefield" which define borders and differences between the old "atheistic orthodox science" and the new "totaliztic science". I believe also, that unavoidable wars and battles between both these mutually competitive sciences, in the future are to be carried out, amongst others, on this "no-one's land", means on the field of scientific explanation of the origins and purpose of the existence of "bones of dinosaurs". In other words, already now it looks that as in past aggressive expeditions of Catholics to "crusades" turned away many people from that religion, the present immersion of the "atheistic orthodox science" in "dinosaurs' wars" will also cause one day the fall-down of the to-date monopoly of that outdated and complacent science. In turn, for scientists of the future the "bones of dinosaurs" probably become a "symbol of scientific ignorance" and the source of such a scoffing at present scientists, as for present scientists is the "number of devils that can reside on a pinhead" - vigorously discussed by scientists of the medieval times. (As this indicates, topics are changing, but human ignorance and imperfection remains unchanged - as this is explained in item #B2 of the web page named antichrist.htm.) This is because, there was no period in the human history, in which people paid for implementing progress would commit an equal number of mistakes and spread similar nonsense as it is done by present professional scientists. (An example of another, after "bones of dinosaurs", case of "scientific nonsense" officially disseminated by present official science, is the pollination of baobabs by "fruit bats" described more thoroughly in item #C2 of the web page named cooking.htm and in item #F4.4 of the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm.) For these reasons, it is worth now to carefully watch further "nonsense" which with highly "scientific language" spread present "atheistic orthodox scientists" about "bones of dinosaurs", as well as watch what will be next discoveries accomplished by the new "totaliztic science" regarding these bones. (Writing these discoveries will be continued on this web page - so it is worth to look here again in the future.) The truth is on the side of "totaliztic science". So it is just a matter of time, when the "scientific nonsense and educational ignorance" spread through the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" will be disclosed, exposed to the public scrutiny, and replaced with the common sense and truth.
       The topic of inspiration of human development via God's "simulation" of the supposed existence of dinosaurs (i.e. through the creation of bones of these creatures, and through the insertion of these bones into ambiguously created geological structures on the Earth), is discussed also on many other totaliztic web pages. Links and names of these web pages are provided above in item #E1 (e.g. these links indicate items #D3 and #F4.2 from the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm).

Part #I: Tragedies of present official science, e.g. errors, deviations, dissemination of fiction, monopole on education, the lack of breaks, etc.:


#I1. Evidence, that the old monopolistic science imprisoned the humanity in fictional world of errors and deviations, and thus it leads the entire our civilisation towards self-destruction:

Motto: "How to show wonderful horizons to someone who stubbornly refuses to open eyes."

       Those for whom the so-called. "truth" still has value, now can logically and formally prove to themselves and to others, that the supposed "knowledge", which disseminates on the Earth the old "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the present official human science - which we learn in schools and at universities and which is described in item #F1 of this web page), is actually a huge pile of absolute rubbish, and that the fallacy disseminated by this science slowly forms its own fictional world which increasingly more distorts people's understanding of the truth about the surrounding reality and which leads our civilization over a cliff and to a self-destruction. In order to carry out such a logical proof which discloses the fallacy and distortion of supposed "knowledge" disseminated by the present official science, one just needs to complete several simple steps of deductions. These steps are as follows:
       1. The documenting and demonstration, that the development of modern knowledge and science can and should be based on more than one, drastically different from each other, scientific and philosophical foundations, and also that it can and should be continued for more than one philosophical approach to research. This fact has already been documented and demonstrated beyond any doubt by the new "totaliztic science", while it is already presented in several different publications and web pages - for their examples see, amongst others, item #A2.6 from the page named totalizm.htm, item #C1 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, or items #F1 to #F3 from this web page here. For example, at present there are already two completely different sciences on the Earth, old official and new unofficial, described comprehensively in item #F1.1 from this web page. For both these sciences, the old usually is called "atheistic orthodox science" and the new - "totaliztic science". The mutual scientific difference between both these sciences stems from the fact, that the old official science for its unwritten fundamental assumption adopted the belief that "gravity is a monopolar field", and thus that the universe consists of only one (our) physical world. On the other hand, the new "totaliztic science" accepts the dipolar character of gravity field, and thus accepts also the fact, that the universe not only consists of our physical world, but also the parallel so-called "counter-world" in which God dwells. In turn the mutual philosophical difference between both these sciences boils down to the fact, that the old official science uses "a posteriori" approach to research, and that one amongst its philosophical foundations is the called "Occam's Razor" which cuts God out of sight of that science, while the new "totaliztic science" uses "a priori" approach to research, has already proven formally the existence of God, and definitively rejects the "Occam's Razor" - since it has found that this razor harmfully depletes the range of scientific investigation.
       2. The demonstration that scientists and science interpret every new and unknown to them fact solely on the basis of the knowledge already possessed by the interpreter, and on the basis of the philosophical foundations that are already in use by this interpreter. The easiest way to demonstrate this fact, is by confronting differences in explanations for certain facts or phenomena, which are interpreted differently by each one out of these two modern sciences indicated above and described in item #F1.1 from this web page - both of which sciences are based on different philosophical and scientific foundations. This is because such confronting is to illustrate clearly the fact, that the old "atheistic orthodox science" - which explores everything from the philosophical "a posteriori" approach, provides a very different explanation for the phenomena or the facts studied by it, than does it the new "totaliztic science" - which bases its research on the philosophical "a priori" approach to research. Also highly intriguing is that in accordance to principles of God's acting described in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm and in item #A2.2 of the page named totalizm.htm, the supposed correctness of each one amongst these two different explanations, is later confirmed by almost the same extensive evidence. In other words, depending on what a given science already has established and what its scientists already know, their interpretations for a new fact or new phenomena will be quite different, and results of these interpretations will differ from each other the more, the more drastic are differences in scientific and philosophical foundations of researchers that interpret a given fact or phenomenon. However, most interestingly, God then in an almost equally convincingly manner confirms the correctness of each of these interpretations with the evidence which God makes available to people.
       In order to demonstrate in possibly the least time and effort consuming way this otherness of interpretations for the same facts or phenomena, depending on which scientific foundations and on which previous findings a given science or researcher has based the investigations, it is sufficient to compare the explanations already published (and evidence supporting the correctness of these explanations) for a whole range of phenomena and facts that have been already explained by the new "totaliztic science", with previously published completely different explanations for the same phenomena and facts disseminated already for a long time by the old "atheistic orthodox science". For example, for this purpose one can compare explanations of both these sciences for (2a) differences between the "world ruled intelligently by almighty God" and the "world without God" - the most important of which differences are described in item #B1 of the page named changelings.htm; (2b) the definition and origin of the term "morality" in the interpretation of both these sciences - as this definition and origin of "morality" are described in items #B2 and #B5 of the web page named morals.htm and in item #I5 of the web page named petone.htm; (2c) the mechanisms and reasons for the formation of tornadoes, as described in items #B3 and #B4 from the web page named tornado.htm; (2d) reasons and mechanisms for appearances of all disasters and catastrophes, described on pages quake.htm and petone.htm; (2e) mechanisms of formation of hurricanes, which are described on pages katrina.htm and hurricane.htm; etc., etc.
       In order to provide here an example, let us now compare the differences (2e) between interpretations of mechanisms of formation of hurricanes by the two sciences discussed above. After all, these mechanisms of formation of hurricanes, described on the web page named katrina.htm, are highly dependent on the prior knowledge that is already possessed by the researcher who interprets them. Thus, hurricanes are interpreted drastically different by each of the two sciences discussed here, which operate now on the Earth. Namely, the old "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the science described in item #F1.1 of this web page) explains that hurricanes are randomly formed by atmospheric turbulences with characteristics very similar to the whirls of water exiting the bathtub after bathing. This means that every hurricane is an independent air vortex which is formed randomly by the atmospheric conditions prevailing in a given area of land, and which is driven only by its own mechanisms and phenomena. But the new "totaliztic science" explains hurricanes as whirls of air propelled purposely from the different "counter-world" through the columns of spinning counter-matter which penetrates through the interior of the globe, and which on both sides of the Earth forms simultaneously two oppositely rotating whirls of air that for larger and tighter-piled spins of counter-matter take the form of "hurricanes". (It is for this reason, that old sailors claimed always two opposite rotating hurricanes appear simultaneously on opposite hemispheres of the Earth.)
       3. The demonstration, that the interpretation of each fact unknown to science, based solely on knowledge already possessed, led the today's science to constructing the whole knowledge of humanity in a shape of a building erected layer-by-layer on a system of initial findings that form the "philosophical and scientific foundations" recognized by this official science. An excellent empirical example of just such a "layered" construction of knowledge by today's science, is the history of the official scientific understanding of atomic structure, starting from the concept of "atom" as the smallest indivisible particle of matter, through models of the atom postulated by Ernst Rutherford and Niels-Bohr, through elementary particles, until the recent interpretations of phenomena noticed in Switzerland as the alleged existence of the mass carrying "Higgs boson" also called "God particle" - see the article "Likely 'god particle' found" from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, July 3, 2012. It is worth to notice here that the new "totaliztic science" interprets the structure of atoms quite differently, namely as a suitably pre-programmed clusters of intelligent "whirls of counter-matter" - for details see eg. items #A1 and #G4 from the web page dipolar_gravity.htm. Thus, in this interpretation of the new "totaliztic science", the atoms do not have such thing as completely different "elementary particles", but there are only intelligently pre-programmed "vortices" and "behaviour" of always the same "counter-matter" that react differently to every external stimulus, or to every new situation. In turn, everything that our old science is able to register, and that is interpreted as a sequences of different qualities, in light of the new "totaliztic science" is really just different manifestations of always the same "counter-matter". On the other hand, for the carriers of mass, the new "totaliztic science" has identified kinds of "god subprograms", which reside in each whirl of counter-matter, and which in the required conditions provide the behaviour of this whirl with the required inertia, which (inertia) in our world is identified just as mass.
       4. The demonstration, that all claims of science, which are NOT immediately criticized and reviewed by someone with different scientific and philosophical foundations, almost always contain various drastic mistakes and over time must be corrected. The proof for this truth (which still is NOT supported nor appreciated by today's monopolistic scientists), takes the form of the fact increasingly realized, that practically everything that the official science claims at a given moment of time, after some time actually turns out to contain significant errors and must be drastically revised. The reason why there is a need to constantly revise scientific findings, is that science to this day continues to be a "monopolistic institution", and thus that, as yet, none of scientific claims were validated by someone who would base his knowledge on the different scientific and philosophical foundations that official science does. (I.e. claims of scientists are supposedly "verified" only by other scientists - who, however, are members of the same "monopolistic institution", and thus who in their verifications are based on exactly the same knowledge and on the same scientific and philosophical foundations. Therefore, this kind of correcting could be compared to "lifting himself up, by pulling up own hair with own hand".)
       5. The demonstration, that the present scientific foundations of the official "atheistic orthodox science", that has never been verified by someone with different scientific and philosophical foundations, still contain cardinal errors, and thus that the entire body of knowledge built on these foundations is just a fiction full of errors and distortions. The fact of erroneousness of the most important foundations of this official science has already been proven in many different ways. Examples of such proving can be a whole array of formal proofs for the existence of God, described in item #G2 and #G3 page named god_proof.htm. After all, the science which claims that God does not exist, as it does the old official "atheistic orthodox science", while the existence of God is already formally proven, in fact builds its knowledge on wrong foundations. Another example showing the cardinal fallacy of scientific foundations of the old official "atheistic orthodox science" is the formal proof for the existence and operation of the counter-world, as described in item #D3 of the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. After all, the old official science is building its knowledge on the erroneous assumption that "gravity is a monopolar field", and thus that our physical world is the only world of physical nature that exists in the universe. However, it turns out that gravity is a dipolar field, while the second pole emerges to a completely different "counter-world" inhabited by God.
       6. The demonstration, that further continuation of the increasingly distorted road followed stubbornly by the old "atheistic orthodox science", leads the humanity straight into the abyss and to self-destruction. In other words, the demonstrating, that the erroneous and incomplete knowledge which is forced into mankind by a monopoly of the old "atheistic orthodox science", slowly poisons our entire civilization, and leads it to a suicidal madness. The easiest way to demonstrate it, is the use of findings already accomplished by the new "totaliztic science", which prove that there is a direct correlation between the natural cataclysms and disasters that destroy the selected communities, and the level of "group immorality" practiced by these communities. After all, we know that because of the atheism and the "monopole for knowledge" of the old science, just by itself and voluntarily it never will be able to carry out a self-reformation and to recognize the existence of this interdependence between cataclysms and the group immorality - at which highly dangerous for the entire humanity fact I am trying to direct the reader's attention in item #I5 of the web page petone.htm. In turn, without the understanding and recognition of this interdependence, the humanity will act even increasingly more immoral, which acting will continue to increase the natural disasters, while this process will escalate until it comes to self-destruction of the entire present civilization. Meanwhile, the new "totaliztic science" already had proven empirically this correlation with a large body of evidence that has already been published on several totaliztic web sites, while the legitimacy of which evidence can be checked by almost every reader. A meaningful example of the descriptions of this interdependence is available in that item #I5 from the web page named petone.htm - where has been demonstrated the dependency of sea level rises from a group immorality or a group morality of communities which suffer from such sea-level rises. In turn, item #I3 of the same web page petone.htm, documents "how", "when" and "why" destructive cataclysms kept sparing the New Zealand town Petone, in spite that according to the behaviour of nature these cataclysms should strike at the town. Another and almost the same meaningful example of that correlation, is provided in items #C7 and #I1 from the web page named seismograph.htm. In turn the end of item #G4, and a part of item #G1, from the web page named will.htm, documents how a "group immorality" of banks and certain other institutions, causes them to bankrupt, collapse, dissolve, etc. In addition, a whole range of other similar examples is described on totaliztic web pages named quake.htm, tornado.htm, landslips.htm, and a few more.
       7. The demonstration, that the "monopoly for knowledge" wielded by the old "atheistic orthodox science", prevents it from self-reforming just by itself its own scientific and philosophical foundations, and thus that an adoption of different foundations by the human knowledge (and thus also saving the humanity from self-destruction) will only be possible if the officially is set up the new "totaliztic science" which will create a healthy "competition" for this old science. Easiest to demonstrate this is through the disclosure that the old "atheistic orthodox science" has built in itself the numerous mechanisms that prevent it from self-reforming its foundations. These mechanisms include, among others, the scientific censorship of each new research paper by representatives of the same science - thus making it impossible to publish studies with different views to those adhered officially by this science, the monopoly on education - which prevents the emergence of researchers with different scientific and philosophical foundations, etc., etc.
       If the above steps are dressed up in some sort of formal proving procedure, then we obtain the formal scientific proof, which clearly proves that the old "atheistic orthodox science", which still holds the absolute "monopoly for knowledge and for education", created a fictitious picture of the surrounding reality, which is full of errors and distortions that lead the humanity straight to a disaster. In turn the consequence of our lives in such a distorted world of fiction, is that the humanity slowly looses touch with reality, and inevitably gravitates towards a self-destruction. What even worse, living in a world of fiction, and having no competitive science which would pinpoint to people the danger of errors and distortions embedded into its knowledge, the old science is unable to straighten its deviations. As a result, the old "atheistic orthodox science" can be compared to a speeding train which is unable to stop just by itself, in spite that everyone can already see the track along which it rides leads off into the abyss, and to destruction.
       The most important reason for such a falsity of the old "atheistic orthodox science" is its complete inability to carry out a self-reformation. This reason originates from the fact, that this science still has no official "competition" in the form of any other science recognized by politicians and by nations, which would have different scientific and philosophical foundations, and thus which could pinpoint how erroneous are the findings and statements of old science. Thus, the old science imprisons the entire mankind in the fictional world of errors and distortions that is totally detached from the reality. This in turn leads to a situation which we now see on Earth - when instead of becoming a planet of happiness, prosperity, and a paradise for people, the world in which we live more and more is similar to a "hell" in which instead of the devils, the torturers of mankind become professional scientists paid from taxes of the society.
       The only hope for mankind to come out from the current course towards a self-destruction, lies in the official establishing of yet another, new science, which would be competitive towards the old "atheistic orthodox science", and thus which would gradually restore the mankind to the path of truth through attrition of its views with the old science and through pinpointing its errors and distortions. Using here the previous comparison of the old science to a train which aims at an abyss but which just by itself is unable to stop, such an official establishing of yet another, new and competitive science, would be like sending by authorities of another, a new train so that it would stop the old train and turn it to the right tracks - before it falls into the abyss. Such a new science already exists unofficially and is described in item #F1.1 on this web page under the name of "totaliztic science". It is important, however, that this new "totaliztic science" would not have to fight with the old science for their place in the world, and should be formally established by a legal or political act. The point is that in the interest of humanity lies that the scientific monopoly is to be abolished forever, and thus that in the future always existed at least two official sciences which will mutually compete for their impact on people (i.e. that at the same time still existed the old "atheistic orthodox science" as well as the new "totaliztic science"). This is because only such their mutual competition will propel the scientific discovery and disclosure of the truth. Meanwhile, if humanity will force the new "totaliztic science" to tore her rightful social place from the old "atheistic orthodox science", then in the process of this struggle, the old science can be destroyed completely by accident - like that old science had already destroyed the church and religion. In turn, an accidental destruction of the old science would make a monopoly of the old science replaced by another monopoly of the new science (in a way as it still is happening today in politics, where the old dictator is typically replaced by a new dictator), means that the situation would NOT be improved at all. To summarize the above, if these words reads someone for whom the getting to know the truth lies deep in the heart, then the message which he or she should receive, is that it is extremely important for the entire humanity to undertake a legal or a political action to officially establish a second competitive "totaliztic science", so that the new science would NOT have to win a "war" with the old science (which a "war" could lead to the complete destruction of the old science).

#I2. The "monopoly for knowledge" of the old "atheistic orthodox science" and consequences of it:

Motto: 'Every area in which a given community tolerated any form of "monopoly", is also the source of "immorality" for which all participants in this community are punished collectively."

       When God created people in order to "pursue knowledge", God created them as "imperfect" as it was only possible without breaching the stability of the entire human civilization - which fact is explained in more details in item #B2 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Unfortunately, these human imperfections entail a number of adverse consequences, such as in-born human tendencies to act immorally, as to be greedy, as to follow various deviations and forbidden pleasures, etc. One of the worst in the consequences for the whole humanity amongst such group detrimental tendencies of people, is the tendency to create "monopolies". This tendency is harmful in every area of human activities. After all, "monopolies" are manifestations of institutional evil and "group immorality", the group practicing of which God prohibits, and hence for the toleration of which amongst ourselves God serves group punishments for the entire communities which are passive towards their immoral "monopolies" - as this is explained in items #B4 and #B1 from the web page named parasitism.htm and in item #A2.8 from the web page named totalizm.htm. For example, the allowing that New Zealand's economic "monopolies" infested almost every area of life of that country, caused that in the space of only about 20 years, that moral, peaceful, prosperous, healthy, honey and milk flowing country (as New Zealand was until recently) transformed into the country of widespread poverty, unemployment, crime, exploitation, mental depression, rampaging suicides, newspaper articles of the type "Kiwi top list of global cannabis use, reports UN" from page A8 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Thursday, June 28, 2012), etc., etc. - see also descriptions from "part #H" on the web page named humanity.htm. In turn in the area of politics, if a government maintains for too long its "monopoly for power", then it transforms into a dictatorship similar to that from Gaddafi's Libya, or from Hitler's Germany. Even too long lasting the "monopoly for knowledge" led to the creation by the old "atheistic orthodox science" the malicious "world of fiction" which is described already in the previous item #I1 from this web page.
       The problem of present people boils down to the fact, that being created maximally imperfect, human beings behave as if they were perfect. I mean, the majority of present people do NOT seem to realize their own shortcomings. Thus, the majority of people have stopped their efforts to make themselves more perfect and to refine. In turn nations, countries, and communities, have ceased to build into their political and social structures any increasingly perfected and more needed security features that are required to protect the given societies against the consequences of human imperfections. Meanwhile, such safeguards are absolutely necessary for the humanity - as it is explained in more details on the separate web page named humanity.htm.
       n the case of "group immorality" manifested through the formation of "monopolies", introduction of safeguards against their detrimental consequences depends on establishing a compulsory "competition" to everything that mankind does. For example, to overthrow the existing absolute "monopoly for knowledge" of the old "atheistic orthodox science", it is necessary to establish officially at least one other and completely separate science, which will be based and operate on quite different philosophical and scientific foundations, for example establish the new "totaliztic science" which practices "a priori" approach to its research that is described more specifically in item #F1.1 of this web page. In a similar way, to abolish monopolies in any other area of life on the Earth, it is necessary that also in there have been introduced the "cure for monopolies" that already has been checked many times in action - which is the true "competition". After all, the historical examples reveal, that the introduction of this "cure for monopolies" is possible even in politics - where instead of investing the entire power into just a single "head of state" which over time transforms himself into another dictator, it is possible to "share power" between several "heads" who would govern e.g. on principles of "triumvirates" that unleash a mutual "competition" among governing politicians.

Part #J: Let us NOT be afraid to direct questions to our professors - after all their salaries originate from our taxes!


#J1. Is it fair, that we have so many excellently paid professors financed from our taxes, but the most vital amongst our questions still remain unanswered?

       Each one amongst us is torn apart by thousands of questions, the knowledge of replies to which could potentially change our lives. For example: "has the science any proof to confirm its official claim that 'God does NOT exist'?", "are any official scientific research in order to explain what actually are manifestations of ghosts?", "is there really a link between the morality of victims of cataclysms and ill-fortunes that affect these victims?", "does living untouched churches and temples in the middle of areas completely ruined by various cataclysms is justified by laws of probability?", "does the 'group morality' of the city of Wrocław (or the city in which we live) already now displaying the similarity to a 'group morality' of present city of Christchurch in New Zealand or to ancient cities of Salamis, Pompeii and Vineta, and whether Wrocław (or our city) is endangered by a similarly destructive cataclysm?", "does the 'theory of big bang' mean that the science officially claims that the universe originates from nothing?", "is there only one explanation for the existence of 'bones of dinosaurs' and must the existence of these bones necessary mean that dinosaurs really lived in past on the Earth?". Etc., etc. Unfortunately, for some reasons citizens typically are afraid to direct these questions to professors from universities, in spite that high salaries of these professors are paid from taxes.
       If we analyse the professional duties of all taxpayer-funded workers, then it turns out that independently from their basic role, their duties include, amongst others, widely understood "service to the society". After all, these jobs belong to a general group of "social services". For example, independently from university professors, to the same category belong fire-fighters, police, army, health services, politicians, etc., etc. Each one amongst these jobs has NO right to refuse giving us occasional UNPAID service, if such a service is needed by us. For example, apart from extinguishing fires - that is the main duty of fire-fighters, they also have a duty to pump for free water from our cellar if it is flooded by a deluge, or to take down from a tree top our cat or child - if these unwisely climbed in there and do NOT know how to get down. Similarly police - apart from chasing criminals and giving us speeding tickets, it also has a duty to, free of charge, e.g. lead blind persons onto the other side of busy streets, to pilot women just giving birth to nearest hospitals, or to explain to strangers how to get to required addresses. Etc., etc. The same principle obliges also university professors. If we have specific short question that spoils our life, then we have a right to ask this question to any professor currently employed in the area that this question concerns - e.g. by emailing this question directly to him, while this professor has the duty to reply this question free of charge. In turn, if any professor ignores such a question and refuses to reply, then we have a right to repeat this question via a newspaper, radio, or television, subjecting simultaneously to a public discussion whether that particular professor deserves the salary paid from our taxes.
       The only matter which so-far is still ambiguous in the matter of such questions, is where finishes the duty of professors to provide free of charge replies to questions posted to them, and starts their right to firstly negotiate a payment before they provide a reply. (It is worth to notice here, that according to principles of "fair trading", such a payment they would need to negotiate before they provide a reply, and that they have no right to issue a possible bill if the person asking questions do NOT agree beforehand to pay for receiving an answer.) The point is that for some questions which require long research in order to provide a reply, such as specialist questions of commercial value asked by the industry, before providing a reply universities may state a condition that they prepare a reply only if beforehand they receive a specific payment. Fortunately, to this matter applies the "principle of being reasonable". Namely, if is asked just a short question from the general area in which a given professor specialises, while the reply to this question can take e.g. the form of a single word YES or word NO, then NO professor has the right to insist on receiving an additional payment before he provides a reply. Therefore, when formulating such a single question to university professors, it is important to set it in such a way, that the reply to it can be expressed with a single word YES or word NO. Of course, the actual reply to this question is NOT going to take a form of just such a single word, because in such a case the reply - if it is e.g. published in a newspaper or in internet, is going to induce public outrage and would expose a given professor to ridicule. But the sole fact that the question is so formulated that it can be replied with a single word, causes that it would be highly immoral to either refuse to reply it, or to request by a given professor an additional payment for preparing a reply.
       The above information should be complemented with the explanation, that the matter of directing questions to university professors currently in office, is equally comprehensively discussed in (3) from item #L3 of the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm. It explains, amongst others, how practically one should carry out directing, via emails, questions to professors currently in office. So perhaps the reader should benefit from these guidelines.

#J2. Is it fair, that we have so many excellently paid politicians with "golden mouths" heavily financed from our taxes, but the level of living of the humanity continually drops down?

       ...(this item is to be developed at a later date - thus I suggest to return to this web page to see it elaborated)...

       Selected reasons of the collapse of the level of lives on the Earth, caused by the lack of understanding by politicians that the principle (discussed, amongst others, in item #A2.1 of the web page named totalizm.htm) is at work which causes that "only decisions and actions which climb uphill in the so-called 'moral field' are really 'moral' and therefore they do NOT need to be corrected or repaired later", are already discussed in a number of totaliztic web pages. For example, apart from item #E3 of this web page, the reader can find these reasons described e.g. in (1) from item #E1 of the web page named rok_uk.htm or in item #B5.1 from the web page named will.htm.

#J3. Is it fair, that because of the stubborn insisting on "monogamy" the holy institution of "marriage" just collapses on the Earth, while politicians, lawmakers, and leaders of Christianity still ignore the recommendations of God passed to us in the Bible that people should practice "polygamy" which is deprived of monopolistic drawbacks of "monogamy" currently causing the collapse of "marriages"?

       ...(this item is to be developed at a later date - thus I suggest to return to this web page to see it elaborated)...

       From slightly a different point of view, advantages and attributes of "polygamy" able to save the institution of marriage from a fall-down caused by drawbacks of "monogamy", is discussed also in item #J2.2.2 of the web page named morals.htm.

#J4. Is it fair, that present "atheistic orthodox scientists" tell to people that the reasons for all cataclysms (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, frosts, droughts, etc.) are "faults of mother nature", while just even a brief research completed by the new "totaliztic science" proves, that these cataclysms destroy exclusively communities the morality of which deviated out from the direction and level commanded to people by God?

       ...(this item is to be developed at a later date - thus I suggest to return to this web page to see it elaborated)...

       Notice that to results of research of the new "totaliztic science" regarding causes and course of various cataclysms which destroy exclusively immorally behaving communities, is devoted a number of totaliztic web pages - e.g. see item #B5 on the web page seismograph.htm or item #I3 on the web page named day26.htm.

Part #K: Summary and the final information of this web page:


#K1. The summary of this web page:

       This web page provided examples of answers to questions that concern the least known to people methods of God's action. It also revealed to us some benefits that stems from seeking and finding replies to such questions.

#K2. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor on 4 different universities, i.e. on 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 till 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in my professional life).

#K3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#K4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#K5. Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2014 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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